July is over. What a packed full month! Its August - we're in CA to see Jason's Grandma, when we get home we're moving (more details on that later) and then school starts. Maybe one year I will have a calm ending to my summer. 

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to blog. Its getting trickier the older my kids get (there's less and less I want to share with the World Wide Web for their own privacy) and Instagram has made picture viewing for the Grandparents amazingly easy. I will probably set this one to a private setting (as in, only I see it) and if I want to resurrect it someday I can. I think any major news I'd have to share, everyone is on FB and can see it. 
This is what our world has come to ;-)

Anyway, happy August! 
Here are pics from July. They're in backward order, sorry. 

    End of July backyard fun

    July's before church group pic 
    With Nana at Alki beach 

   Miles on a date w/Daddy & Mommy

    Delicious dinner date! 

   Breakfast with Nana 

    This was epic. 

    Celebrating Rachel's 7th!!

    Our baby girl turned 7!

    Auntie Jenny visits! (And Miles loves her)

    In Seattle with Auntie Jenny 

    Jason's Uncle and Aunt visit 

    I'll end it with a bang (pun intended)
    A pic from the 4th of July!

2 {comments}:

Charlotte said...

Love these photos.

And while I understand your reasons for not blogging, I sure will miss your thoughts and musings.

Have a wonderful time in CA! :-)

Nicola said...

Great pictures! Looks like a very fun July!


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