Our trip to California went well! Traveling was long, but went very smooth and our time spent with family and friends was wonderful. 

   Miles opened his birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma

We were so happy to spend time with both Grandmas. 
Grandma Anita is home and doing well. 

 My parents took us to a park I used to go to when I was little called, Happy Hollow. We had so much fun! However, I did decide that theme parks are not for the faint of heart (totally wore us all out!)

   I was able to meet up with my old piano students and good friends. 

My Nephew Sam with Miles 

Finally met little Miss Vesper (my friends baby) 

Ethan with buddies he's known since he was 18 months. 

Me with their amazing Mamas. 

We ended our trip in Chico with Jason's sister Jenny and her husband Jeff. 
Auntie Jenny put together a fun dinner in the park, complete with s'mores! 

Left Chico at 2:30am and got to watch this beauty rise out of the mountains. 
Back in Washington now, busy with moving and school prep. 

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