Home... And back again.

Miles was cleared by the surgeon and we were told he's going to be ok! 
The fracture is clean, his brain looks great and he's doing really, really well. Praise God! 

We got home around 4pm and our older 3 came home around 7 and 8pm. Ethan walked in the front door, hugged me and said "hi mommy!" And I knew right away.... He has Strep throat. He's had it twice before and I've gotten to where I can spot it fast. 
So this morning we got all ready to go to the Dr's office and on the way out the door, Miles took off down the porch and slipped, hitting the back of his head on the porch step. He has a little cut and a knot where he hit it. 
So we're buying one of these now... Seriously. 

Found out at the Dr that Ethan and Kara have strep. First time for Kara- she's very excited. Mostly because she gets bubble gum medicine :-/ 
Thankfully they both seem fine. Other than sick throats they're acting totally normal. Another praise. 

What's that saying...? When it rains it pours! So true. And yet, it could be much worse. This is nothing some meds won't clear up. 
Thankful to have manageable trials right now :-) 

Happy Thursday.

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