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I am no longer posting about this stuff on Facebook. Took me 8 years, but I've learned my lesson. Here on my blog I can post things I want to talk about and if people don't like it, they can stop going out of their way to see it :) 
I understand that with Facebook you're sort of stuck seeing a great many things you may not choose to see, but with blogs, that's not the case. 

So, do me a favor. If you don't like this article or you're wanting to fight about vaccinations or call the lady in this article crazy, please find out how to get ahold of her and complain to the author, not me. 

With that said, this article is really interesting, educational and well written. My kids have this vaccine and I've never actually heard this side of the 'argument' - I only ever hear how deadly it is for kids not to have this one. Anyway, enjoy! 

**Sorry, I'm posting from my phone and can't actually put a link on here all fancy. 


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FullofSunshine said...

You gO Girl!!! I enjoyed reading it actually!! : )

Anonymous said...

Good article...super interesting about the hydrogen peroxide too. Thanks for sharing! -Rilla

Kiara Buechler said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Charlotte said...

Okay that article was super interesting. The one thing that stuck out to me was that tetanus is everywhere. I have a friend (she calls herself a hick) and they live out in the country, drink their goat's milk and eat their chicken's eggs. And she lets her kids run everywhere barefoot. And they are outside a TON. They don't immunize and have not gotten anything except whooping cough, and no one had it really bad. She tributes a lot of their healthiness to being outside and (accidently) ingesting the local soil.

I have quit immunizing and now we don't go to the doctor unless life is threatened or we need heavy antibiotics. Part of this is because we technically don't have medical insurance, but only Medi-Share, which is basically major medical. But I have found, as I look to other alternatives for the small medical stuff, that a lot of the other intervention things they do are un-necessary.

See Stef? Sharing interesting articles like this is why you need to keep blogging.... :-)


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