We plan, God directs.

Miles had a bad fall yesterday. To keep details short and sweet: I went to the bathroom and in that time he found his high chair, wheeled it across the kitchen to the banister overlooking our family room, climbed it and ended up falling over the banister onto the family room floor {approx 5 feet}. 

The goose egg bump appeared on his head right away, he screamed and cried like I would expect him to do and I called our pediatricians office because injuries to the head scare me. 
Our Pediatrician said he felt more comfortable having us to to urgent care and getting a cat scan if needed, which he couldn't do. 
The urgent care Dr felt like it was a 'typical' fall and thought Miles seemed to be in very good spirits and didn't see a need to radiate his body if we didn't need to. 
You know when people tell you to go with your gut? I wish I had. I had a nagging feeling that he needed the scan, but didn't want to appear to be that over protective mother. 

Miles did act normal and seemed to be fine until around 8pm, four hours later. 
He suddenly began screaming as if he were in horrible pain, I was unable to console him with anything and noticed the lump on his head was literally growing and swelling by the second and he fell asleep and, though he was breathing and such, we could not get him to wake up. 
Jason called the ER nurse who told him to call 911 and within a few minutes we had paramedics in our home. 

They took us to our hospital where the monitored him. Everything seemed totally normal with his brain and though tired, he seemed totally normal. 

He had a cat scan and the results showed a fairly large fracture to his skull.

Yes, my heart stopped. 

They transferred us by ambulance to a hospital in Seattle where one of the best pediatric brain surgeons is. Not because they think he needs brain surgery, but because they want him closely monitored by someone who's trained to spot things they might miss. 

The good news is, his brain is fine, the rest of his body {at this point}is fine. He suffered a bad concussion and that, along with the fracture needs rest and a calm atmosphere. In fact, we were told the next couple of months need to be very chill for Miles, since his brain is a muscle and the fracture around it will need to heal appropriately. 
He can't be over stimulated, he needs a routined schedule and will need lots of rest. 

He has been amazing. He didn't like the scan {who does?!} and he hated getting the IV in his arm, but other than that, he's been a great patient. 

Jason and I are very tired, but doing well. We continue to thank God that He has kept our baby safe and that the chain of events that happened last night led us to the hospital to get a scan so we could see what was really going on. No one knows why his head began swelling or why he suddenly freaked out around 8pm last night. I happen to think it was God's way of telling us, "something isn't right- don't ignore this." 

I'm in awe of how comforting it is for me to know God is in control and already in tomorrow and always, always, always faithful and good. No matter what. 
When I feel overwhelmed and out of control, I rest in knowing that God is never those two things. 
I'm thankful for the Doctors and nurses he's put in our path and thankful for the care Miles has received. 
I'm thankful he slept well last night, {even though he didn't get to go to sleep until 2am} and thankful that Jason and I are still skinny enough to share a twin sized cot at the hospital ;-) 

I'm blogging this from my iPhone, {as have been my last 3 posts} and will answer texts, emails and calls as I can. 

Today Miles turns 16 months old! This most certainly isn't how I thought we'd ring in this day, but again, God knew. 

Thank you for praying for our sweet boy and for loving us, even for some of you, from hundreds and thousands of miles away. 

We desperately wish we could be close to our families right now and I know our parents probably didn't sleep last night either. Pray for them as you pray for us please. 

I will keep updates coming on Facebook and Instagram and will try here, but it won't be as frequent here since this takes much longer. 

We're incredibly thankful to our friends Justin and Heidi, who are taking care of our kids. Heidi came over immediately when I told her we had to call 911 and has been with our kids ever since. 
It occurred to me last night that I haven't worried about them once and I know that's a huge blessing, to know they're being loved and well taken care of. 

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Emily said...

You are at the forefront of my mind and heart today. I'm lifting all of you up in prayer every time you come to mind, which is very frequent. I love you, Stef.

Chris Swan said...

The Swans held back some tears cause all our babies were playing around us as we were reading this! We will continue to pray for you guys and for MIles and all of his caregivers. PTL for His steadfast love for you all.
Chris and Susan and family

Melissa Joy said...

Oh Stef, I'm so thankful our Father's hand of protection was (and continues to be!) over your sweet Miles. I will pray for him, and for you, and your families. Wish I were closer than seven hours so I could pitch in somehow to help. We'll be at heaven's gate beside you with our prayers!

Stef said...

Emily, Swans and Melissa, thank you SO much for your prayers! We are home now and exhausted, but its a good exhaustion :)

Amy G said...

Thanks for the update Stef. Miles and your entire family were in my thoughts and prayers throughout today and will continue to be in the coming weeks.


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