Its always been my favorite season. Its beautiful during Fall in California and its beautiful here in Washington. I'm guessing its pretty gorgeous everywhere. 
These pictures have not been touched up. 
There are two where I made them brighter because I took them in a more shaded area, 
but the color has not been enhanced or anything fancy like that. 
There's truly no need. Everywhere I look its breathtaking. 
The pictures with the kids in them have a filter called "throwback" from Flikr. 

The first pic is my favorite. 
I had pulled over to make a call and noticed the sun coming through the leaves on the tree. 
I got my iPhone out and snapped a few pics and this one turned out incredible. 

this is our neighborhood 

3 {comments}:

Emily said...

Ooohing and aaaahing from Orlando, where fall does not exist. Sadly.

HickChickBritt said...

I love how the leaves are still on the trees this year! Usually by now we have had enough wind and rain that all the leaves have fallen off.

Nicola said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love fall colors!


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