she turned 5

Her birthday was full of all the food she loves. 
We visited a local bakery she's been dying to go to. 
Had a treasure hunt. 
Went out to dinner. 
And spent the day that weekend in Seattle as a family. 

treasure hunting 

We love our crazy Kara girl. 
She's full of life. 
If she's not sleeping, she's jumping, rolling, climbing, swinging, 
running, riding, playing or all of those things back-to-back. 
She's been learning how to read which has given me lots of  
WAKE-UP-MOM-your-baby-is-getting-big moments. 
She's loving school and still likes being outdoors. 
Unless its 20 degrees outside, Kara has got a tank-top on. 
Scratch that. 
Even when its 20 degrees outside, Kara has a tank-top on. 

She fakes to by shy still, but isn't. 
She's cuddly and happy and funny and sassy. 

he decided her new blanket was for him. 

and her baby brother said her name FIRST. 
She likes everyone to know that. 
He pronounces it, "Wawa" :) 

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HickChickBritt said...

Her hair is just beautiful!


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