Social Media Annoyances

We all have them, so don't say you don't ;-)
This is my blog so I'm using this as my outlet to vent about ones that bother me. And this isn't to say I've never done any of these things. I'm sure I've done them all. 'Pet peeves' doesn't mean you don't do it. Just means you get annoyed when someone else does it.

Here are a few of mine.

**Please don't read any further if you're easily offended or prone to think everything is about you personally. 
I will give no other disclaimer. 
Read at your own risk. 

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*Using the 'like' button in a very passive aggressive way. 
Incredibly popular and also incredibly cowardly and rude.
I try my very hardest NOT do this, but this week I actually purposefully did it. It felt good. I apparently like being a coward and being rude :-\
Maybe someday Fallon and Timberlake will do a video of how ridiculous it is when people "like" something without commenting, or sort of join a conversation (but not really) by siding with someone in that conversation, by simply saying "like" and nothing else.

*Political posts. People.... please start a personal blog. Especially since ALL of you can't be disagreed with and flip-out publicly when you are. You do realize FB is public, right? The people responding to you are real, even though you can't see them.
If you start a blog you can rant and rave all you want and typically people who agree with you and stroke your ego will follow your blog -- which will be good for you and the whole universe.
Its just a great plan.

*Christian posts VOID of Scripture to back-up the argument presented. This is becoming more and more popular and it annoys me to no end.
You don't have to have a Bible verse to back up every.single.thing you say... but when you write a post claiming its all about God and His direction and plan and desire - back it up with Scripture, mkay?
Because when it comes down to it, your feelings don't mean that much to me and in the grand scheme of things, they don't manipulate God either.

*Autocorrect on cell phones. I hate you. I need to turn you off of my phone because my misspelled words are far less offensive than the words you change in place of them.

*Personality Articles. You know the ones.  They're usually titled "27 {or more} ways to find out if you're an introvert". Oh my gosh. This has quickly become the fastest growing pet peeve of mine, EVER.
I've been dying to go on one of those posts and say "the 28th reason is that you love posting articles about yourself." 
I can cut right to the chase and get said what they're subtly trying to say in a long article.
If you're an introvert, you're secretly an amazing person that no one understands. There is a logical excuse for everything rude/mean you do or say. You're deeper than anyone else around you and you don't like the shallowness that comes with being an extrovert.

If you're an extrovert... the introverts have no idea why anyone likes you.
The end.

*Instagram spammers: people who ask to be your friend on IG, only to realize they're spamming everyone.

*Good parent/Bad parent Articles;  how being a mom {or parent team} is so hard and justifications for why we mess up. DISCLAIMER: I have seen some parenting articles that are so good. So, so good. They take weaknesses and failures and point us to Christ, they offer encouragement and speak truth.
There are so many though that I read and then think to myself, "I'd be a lot less depressed if I had never read that."
And then a ton of them are just excuse making, self esteem boosting garbage.

Maybe that lady does have her life in order better than you do.
Maybe you do use your cell phone too much.
Maybe you shouldn't resort to yelling all the time.
Maybe you actually need to stay home and clean once in a while.
It might be a good idea to consider what your family needs before you think of yourself or your friends/social life.

Some of the articles that float around on these topics are excellent. They were written with care and they address issues as well as lies we so easily believe.
But so many of these "you're doing the best you can!" articles make me sad.
Because so much of the time, we're not.
We don't lean on Jesus the way we should, we don't love our husbands the way we should, we so often parent with 50% instead of 100%  and we love to find excuses for all those things, but sometimes the real answer is -- you're not as perfect as you'd like everyone to think, run to Jesus, give him the idols and issues you deal with it and let them go.

*last but not least {because it came to my attention recently} the media is at it again! Out asking people who own large companies if and why they don't do commercials/advertisements with homosexual families in them -- only to be outraged when the person says they won't do that because it goes against their religious {or just family value} beliefs. FOR SHAME.
I mean seriously, media. Get a grip. Maybe go ask a gay movie director if he plans to make a movie supporting the heterosexual, Christian family and let me know what he says. You won't. Because like the passive/aggressive 'likers' on Facebook, you're also cowardly and rude.
I love how they go seek out these owners of companies like owner of Chick-Fil-A and they go out of their way to pin them down on this issue and when the person uses their free speech right and freedom of choice right {We still have those rights here in America, yes?} everyone calls it "hate speech" and freaks out, wanting to boycott and put the person {and all his/her employees} out of business.
America, its time to act our age. And in case you forgot, we're over 230 years old.

End rant.

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Emily said...

This post had me shaking with laughter because I'm right there with you on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!!!!!!! Thank you!

Stef said...

Haha, I'm glad, Em! I had fun writing them. When it comes to social media I probably could've done a list of 100 things that drive me nuts and all the stupid things I see myself doing... But these seemed long enough, lol

Bethany Sullivan said...

(You'll never know if that is meant passive aggressively or not ;)


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