its his birthday :)

Happy Birthday, to my main man! Its that glorious time of year when we get to dote on Daddy and celebrate his life. And its perfect that Thanksgiving falls a week after his birthday because he's 1 person I am always super thankful for.
I don't gush online about my husband very often. Not because there's not much to gush about, its just stuff we typically keep more private.

Today I'm gushing...

Many of you know this, but I met my husband back when I was 14. I remember being invited to his 14th birthday and even though I didn't have a crush on him (yet) I can remember watching him and thinking he was the nicest young guy I had ever met.
It was his party and yet he was making sure his friends were having a good time and even checking in with his sister and me (I was there as his sister's guest) to make sure we were having fun. His manners blew me out of the water. Opening doors, offering his seat, standing so his Mom could sit, going last in line, etc...
Throughout the years of our friendship (and we were good friends for ten years before getting married) I watched my husband grow into a mature, godly guy. And then he married me which just makes him super smart (LOL)
Being his wife for almost 10 years, I can tell you those things I saw in him when we were younger have only multiplied over the years. When you live with someone and "do life" with them every single day of your life, you get to know them pretty well. You see every aspect of their personality. You walk through deep trials, you experience amazing joys, and you wander everywhere in between together.
My husband has held my hand tight through it all and even acts excited about the next 10+ ;-)
In fact, he has this dream... We will die when we're 99 1/2 and 101... and we will die at the same time, holding hands. I like his plan. 

Today I'm celebrating my husband, my best friend.
The guy who tells me he loves me more than once a day.
The guy who texts me during his work day just to see how I'm doing.
To remind me that he's thankful for me and the hard job I have at home.
The guy who still makes me gut laugh. That real laugh where your stomach hurts afterward.
The guy who is an amazing Daddy to our 4 kids.
The guy who prays with me. Has deep talks with me. Lets me ramble endlessly about silly things.
The guy who takes pride in knowing his wife knows she's well loved.
The guy who is first to be humble and lets go of pride so it won't hurt others.
The guy who works super hard every day to provide for us.
The guy who runs out at 10:30 at night to buy my favorite kind of gelato :)
The guy who tells me I'm beautiful in my worst moments.
The guy who loves and serves Jesus first so that he can love and serve his family well.

Today I'm celebrating the man God has grown him to be.
I'm thanking God for the gift he's given to me in my husband - because its a rare gift these days and one I am daily thankful for.

Happy Birthday, Jase!

You're a prince among men and I'm incredibly thankful that God planned for us to get married and spend our journey together.

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Jason said...

I just saw this. Thank you so much, for all the wonderful things you said about me. There's a lot to live up to in this article :)

I love you so much!

Gina said...

Happy birthday Jason! What a wonderful tribute to your love. He is a wonderful husband and you two have a very special relationship--praise God! I love that I get the privilege of knowing you both and witnessing your love for each other and for your family. May God bless you continually in your days together

The Abe Green Family said...

This was beautiful! Happy late birthday, Jason.


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