2013 Christmas

Because stamps are so expensive and, we kind of want to send our kids to college, I didn't send *everyone* a card this year. These were the pics on our card. 

Merry Christmas everyone! 
We're so thankful for a year filled with great memories and trials where we could stop and see God's mercy and goodness to us and remember how much we truly do need Him. 
I'm always happy to turn the page and enter a new year; it feels fresh and hopeful. 

Praying that 2014 is blessed and that you're able to see God's hand in each new day. 

 Ethan is turning 9 in just a couple months and is our reading, Lego playing, 
Minecraft champ. He struggles a lot with a lack of motivation to get the things
done that he needs to do, but is a sweet boy and loves people. 
He said his highlights this year were: 
1.) learning more about God and realizing more of how much I need Him. 
2.) having Miles get bigger and being able to play with me more. 
3.) learning how to play Minecraft
4). Visits from family and visiting family. 
5.) our family vacation in June to the coast of Washington at a beach house. 

 Rachel is 7 1/2 and I have many moments where I remind myself she and Ethan aren't twins. 
Being 17 months apart its fun and confusing how much they do the same stuff. 
She is great with Legos {builds the neatest stuff without any instructions!} 
she also loves Minecraft, but Rachel is our little artist. She likes to draw pictures and then write 
stories that go along with the pictures. She sits and reads them to me and asks me to tell her how 
she can improve her art and story telling :) 
Rachel is very responsible and sweet, with a sassy, moody side thrown in there. 
She is my best helper and is a 2nd mother to Miles. 
Her highlights: 
1.) Just being thankful that God made me and always helps me. 
2.) when you and Daddy bought me the Lego dollhouse to build. 
3.) our vacation to the cottages in June on the beach. I loved the walks we took 
and getting to see things I've never seen before. 
4.) starting Classical Conversations! I love my friends there and my tutor. 
5.) I liked moving. I love our new neighborhood. 

 Kara is our 5 year old girl filled with spunk and attitude, with some major sweetness thrown in. 
She is incredibly energetic. If Kara isn't bouncing, jumping or running, she's sleeping. 
She is stubborn, but breaks very easily and she pretends to be tough, when she's really 
quite sensitive and girly. She also loves Minecraft and doing art projects with Rachel. 
She loves to play with dolls and go on long walks. She's our walking champ! 
Highlights for her this year... 
1.) learning how to read. 
2.) going on vacation to Great Wolf Lodge 
3.) I liked when Grandpa Ernie stayed with us for a whole week. 
4.) I learned how to swim with NO floaty! 
5.) Turning 5. I love being 5. 

 Miles is 20 months and no, none of us are ready for him to turn into a big boy. 
He is a major sweet heart. 
He loves people, but prefers Daddy & Mommy to anyone else. 
He calls Ethan "Ezzie" 
Rachel "Hutch" 
and Kara is "Wawa" 
He had a scary fall in August and ended up fracturing his skull, but we 
are happy to report he's healed quite nicely and is back to his normal self, with maybe 
less inclination to climb :) 
Miles charms all of us with his smile and laughter and just overall adorable 
personality. He loves having older siblings to play with and does his best to keep up with all 
3 of them. He loves to be outdoors, loves to go on walks, loves to play with balls, 
LOVES Curious George, trips to the library, and cuddling. He's a major cuddler. 

I absolutely love that she captured this one. 
My husband makes me laugh like no one else and having it in a 
picture means the world to me. 
He's been making me laugh for almost 20 years :) 

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the update! The pics turned out FABOLOUS!! I like how you had highlights for each child.

Project Thursday said...

Stef! I love this! And I looooove that last picture of you and Jason! :) I am so thankful for every single one of you!

jill denton said...

Love!! Great pictures, beautiful family inside and out! xoxo

Gina said...

Great pictures! Love the update too :-)

Melissa Joy said...

These are priceless, Stef. What a treasure, and how special that you shared this with all of us here.
Christmas blessings to each of you!!

Jane said...

Loved every single picture and update, but the last one of the two of you brought tears to my eyes! I love you and your beautiful family so much, I'm so happy that God has blessed me and my life with you!


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