Christmas '13

This was our first Christmas, just the 6 of us at home since the year we moved here in 2009. We missed our families, but really enjoyed the day as a family. We didn't invite anyone over, just decided it would be fun to be us. And it was delightful. We ate yummy food, skyped with family, watched several different Christmas movies, played outside, and just had fun being together.

On Christmas Eve I posted this picture on social media and said, 
"our Elf on the Shelf is cuter than yours." :) 

Good Christmas morning to you!! 

opening gifts from Papa & Nana 
{I took pictures of them doing this since we didn't Skype with them until later} 

I wrapped up one box with just packaging materials, knowing it would be a hit. 
And it was. 

Papa & Nana bought all the kids their own bath towel with their name! 

opening their American Girl baby dolls :) 

playing with their new necklace set.

the tree came down the day after since it was extremely dead.
I enjoy new, clean spaces :)

and we scored big at Target with up to 75% off sales and a not very crowded store. 

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