Christmas card sneak peak...

We took our pictures this year at a little spot off the road, in Burien, over looking 
the Puget Sound. Pictures with 4 kids is always interesting and this time was no
exception. To my surprise, Miles gave us the hardest time. 
Because he wanted to run through the weeds and bushes and go see the water. 
He pretty much wanted to run off and do anything BUT take pictures :) 
Candice is amazing at what she does and still captured some amazing photos. 

After the outdoor pics, we went to a local coffee shop and she 
took pics of us enjoying treats there. 

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wedogmomma said...

so SO cute! And forgeddaboutit! That top banner photo is amazing!

I had a shoot this year with twin 15 mo olds...and one was TOTALLY cooperative, while the other wanted to take a walk....ANYWHERE but where we were headed! Even if it meant going away from the park. SMH....you just never know exactly what is going on in those cute little melons of theirs! Glad it's still a fun memory :D

Erin said...

WONDERFUL. The coffee shop photo is absolutely wonderful.
I can't wait to see more, Stef!

Stef said...

Thank you! And Nikki, yes, its rare to get every child looking and smiling. He was just wanting to be Mr Adventure and break loose! :)


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