Christmas Week

First, it snowed. 
We were thrilled, to say the least. 
And even though it melted by the end of the day... 
we made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Miles had no interest in being IN the snow. 
But loved watching from the window. 

So Miles starting cutting a lot of teeth back in late November. 
Along with that came a runny nose and other such annoyances. 
{this all came about 4 weeks after we decided to take off his teething necklace} 
By mid-December his cold seemed to be getting worse and then one day he suddenly came 
down with very high fevers. So I made an apt to have him checked out. 
I assumed it was a flu virus, but our Pediatrician said it was bronchitis induced Pneumonia :( 
Not a fun way to start the Christmas week, but SO thankful to have a diagnosis and meds. 

  We spent the following week doing a lot of this.

     and discovered through pictures just how much he loves his puppy.

and instead of actually using the inhaler, we played with it :) 

we tried venturing outside one day, but after 5 minutes we went back in. 

the girls played with dough. 

I made cinnamon rolls for the first time, compliments of The Pioneer Woman. 

went on a shopping date with these two. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Among other traditions our family does, we enjoy this one probably the most. 
Every year {usually on Christmas Eve, this year it was the 23rd} 
We put our kids to bed early. We tell them they need sleep for the days ahead. 
Then we usually go "wake them up" and surprise them. 
This year, I decided to stand at the bottom of the stairs and call for them, in a mad voice. 
The assumed they forgot to clean up their toys before bed, lol 
They all came down and I smiled and said "just kidding! we're taking you out to look at lights!" 
Jason bought hot chocolates and I had a candy surprise in baggies for them with their slippers. 
We drove to Seattle and went to Candy Cane Lane for the light display. 

a cute little coffee shop. 

Before we drove home we drove through Pike Place Market at 11pm and got to see it like we've never seen it before... lit up and empty! 

Christmas Eve dinner was Thai food and the reading from Luke 2 :) 

2 {comments}:

Gina said...

What fun! We haven't gone on any serious light viewing trips but maybe next year we will--I love the lights

Stef said...

Gina, we didn't do nearly as many as we wanted to because of Miles being sick - we'll add those to our list for next year :)


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