December, please slow down. Thanks.

I told myself this wasn't going to be a crazy month and I'm feeling like I need a time-out for disobeying my own rule. But I sort of relax when I realize after this week, its all pretty calm and fun until the New Year.

Today was our last day of Classical Conversations for 5 weeks.
We have a little mini family vacation starting tomorrow.
Saturday is the dress rehearsal for the Christmas production E&R are in.
Saturday late afternoon is a birthday party.
Sunday {all day} is the Christmas Production.

Then Monday. Glorious Monday begins our Christmas break.

Delicious breakfasts that we'll eat around 9am in our pi's.
Sugar cookies to bake and decorate.
Nutty Noodle Clusters to make, for the sole purpose of those childhood memories and wishing SO badly Nana could be in our kitchen eating them with us.
Christmas movies to watch at night... and during the day if the rain we've been promised finally gets here. 
Singing Christmas carols while Mommy plays the piano. One child suggested we go around our street and do Christmas caroling for our neighbors. And we probably will since we know all our neighbors and I know they'd love it.
I'd love to put together a last minute but fun little Christmas party for my kids with their friends. Maybe a party after the New Year? We'll see.

This time of year is so short, but it reminds me of having small kids. While you're IN the month of December it can feel busy, overwhelming, lots to do, less sleep than usual and sometimes it feels long. Like, "is the New Year ever gonna get here?" kind of long.
Then Christmas Day comes and goes. New Year's Eve comes and goes. And you look back and feel like it was all a quick blur.
So every year I purpose to do less shopping.
Say no to more parties and gatherings and holiday social events {sometimes I forget you can say no to even fun things and you don't have to go to every.single.event}.
Get ideas from my kids on things they'd like to do and DO them, no matter how silly.
Kara wanted to lay under the tree with me. Not on the floor near it, but UNDER it. With our heads actually under the tree. She said she wanted to feel like we were in a forrest. I laughed and then realized she was serious. So we did it. We laughed and talked and sang and talked about what it must feel like to be a tiny little lady bug or butterfly and live in a place like that.
She told me how funny it is to her that only one time a year do we bring a chopped down tree into our house, "dress it up" and put lights on it - but if we did that in March we would think it was so weird.
I loved hearing what she was thinking. It was a, dare I say it? Magical moment for the two of us.

I'm not making New Year's resolutions. Don't worry, I don't think you're a sinner if you do.
I just don't get into it and like Advent, for me personally its another thing for me to feel like I've failed at and I'm definitely not into that ;-)

I just want to really enjoy every season and simplify every season as well. We don't have to get into the craze and hubbub just because commercials or our next door neighbors or even extended family say we should.
Tune out the noise and do your own thing. Enjoy the season. Because it is pretty magical. But without thinking, we can quickly turn it into a hurried, stressful, chaotic, self centered obnoxious time of year.

With that, have a great rest of the week and go drink some hot cocoa.

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Melissa Joy said...

Did you read the most recent post on femina.com called "Joy to the Whirled"? This post by you was on my mind after I read it, and how I thought you'd be so encouraged by the words there. :) If you haven't read it, totally don't take my word for it: just go read it and see for yourself. :)

Stef said...

Thanks Melissa! I'll take a look :)


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