Great Wolf Lodge

Every year since we moved here we've visited an indoor water park around Christmas called Great Wolf Lodge. If you can get over the fact that you spend a few days in a huge chlorinated incubator with tons of people you don't know, its a fun trip. Our kids love going and this year we ended up going the same exact time some good friends from church went - totally unplanned too, which was cool.
Anyway, this year we went a lot closer to Christmas since we didn't travel to California for the holiday.

   The yellow and red one is the scariest one... but oh, so much fun!

this is the wave pool, without waves when I too the pic. 
We don't carry cell phones around in here so I don't usually 
get pics of inside the actual water park. 

having his first Honest Kids juice box. 

We told Kara she's so Seattle and doesn't even know it :) 

I didn't drink it... but it was fun posing with it. 
My husband orders yummy looking beers. 

inside our room - this is a split screen view of the cabin where the kids sleep. 

while we were there Miles mild teething issues turned into clearly 
something worse :( We came home and found out he had 
bronchitis induced Pneumonia, but is doing much better now! 
Sadly, he didn't go to sleep until around 5:30 AM. 

this was taken sometime in the middle of the night. 
Right around the time Jason told me its totally bearable being up 
all night since he gets to be with me. Seriously

the next morning a trip down to Starbucks {in the hotel} was absolutely necessary. 

Goodbye Great Wolf Lodge! Thanks for another great trip! 

3 {comments}:

Amy Gannaway said...

looks like a great vacation...I would have LOVED going to a lodge like that as a kid:)

Also, I love your new blog header! What a great picture:)

Gina said...

What a great place! Too bad miles got sick :-(. Jason is way too cute in love with you--it's great! ��

Stef said...

Thanks Amy! Our photographer friend Candice took it.

Gina, he is. I'm humbled by his love so much.


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