More lights in Seattle. 
This is from the night we went and saw the gingerbread display. 

    Rachael the pig in Seattle. 
Miles had NO idea why his family was so excited to get a picture on a pig. 

 The girls said that start was the REAL star of Bethlehem. 
Or... a really giant diamond. 

 Found a Starbucks we've never been to. 
Its actually more shocking that you'd think. 

    We declared this the night that Ethan needs to work on a more natural smile. 
   Or, to stop working on his smile altogether. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We left Seattle and drove to Renton to visit the Clam Lights. 
This is the lake park where you've seen lots of pictures of us swimming during the summer. 
We were unable to come last year, so this was officially Miles' first time. 
And he loved it :) 

 My favorite part of Clam Lights is seeing the lights on the displays, 
plus the city lights over on Mercer Island, plus the calm water on the lake. 
I love it. Every year I realize I could take a whole roll of film 
{those still exist right? Rolls of film?}

 I love hearing the kids scream with delight as they see lights everywhere. 
I love when Kara gets excited that she actually remembers doing this when she was little. 
She loves being old enough to remember what we did in previous years :) 

 I had a ton of fun capturing the lights and reflection in the water. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 

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