picture post. knock yourself out.

Pictures from November & early December. 

 Jason and I got out for a date on his birthday. 
We went to Cactus, which is a yummy restaurant and the one in Bellevue is quite fancy. 
Our good friend Carol baby sat the kids for us - thank you, Carol!! 

The day we had our Christmas pictures taken. We went to a local coffee shop with our photographer friend afterward and she snapped some fun pics of us sipping coffee and eating scones.

 Thanksgiving morning - walking to get coffee before the parade! 

 pretty cool clouds on Thanksgiving. 
I love clouds and get a thrill when I capture fun pics of them. 

   his first year enjoying the parade.

 Tradition: Make Ahead breakfast casserole with smoothies. 

 carving the bird! 

   Thanksgiving night - wearing new Christmas pj's. This one just makes me LOL every time I see it.

 hot cocoa outside with friends while Daddy puts lights on the house. 

 The Saturday after Thanksgiving some CA friends visited us! We had a yummy lemon blueberry pancake breakfast {with bacon of course} and had a great time seeing them.

 1st time making her own eggs! 

   Amazon's new programmer ;-)

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