come, take a walk with me.

 I love water. I never knew this about myself until recently, but it makes sense. My favorite cities in CA were always places like SF, Monterey Bay, Capitola and Lake Tahoe. All places with water.
I used to think it was fun to visit, but I'd do fine living far away from it.
When we lived in the California East Bay, I struggled with being so far and got super annoyed when people there referred to the Delta as if it was "the Bay".

To my surprise and satisfaction, we've got water everywhere here. Large bodies, small, the Pacific Ocean and little lakes and rivers. Our new house is about a mile away from Lake Washington and so we've been enjoying lot of beautiful drive-bys {like, we pass it on our way to places like Target}
and the other night we decided to jump in the car and go down to walk the trail and watch the sun set.
Best decision ever. 

 the girls tell me about once a day that Daddy is amazing 
and they let me know they will never love another man as much as him. 
As cute as it is, I know someday we'll laugh at this while they sit next to their spouse, 
who they will declare is THE most amazing man, ever ;-) 

 I know I'm weird so it won't shock me if I'm the only person who does this.
When I see trees that have lost their leaves right next to an Evergreen, I imagine the Evergreen is boasting as it stands tall, filled with gorgeous greenery. As if you to say "haha, look at you all naked and dry for the winter, while I have people still taking pictures of me all year long."
Its weird, right? Sad confessions.

 Because one view of the sun going down clearly wasn't enough :) 

 These two melt my heart. They have a sweet relationship; one that just sort of happened. We never expected them to be so close, but they are. Miles loves Rachel and depends on her when I'm not around.
She is my best helper around the house with him too. If I tell the kids we're gonna go out, she is quick to fill his cup with water, make sure his diaper is clean, grab his coat and put his shoes on, all without being asked. When she's not here to help me, there's always about 2 things I forget :)

He used to call her "Hutch" instead of Rache, but that only lasted about a month and now he gives a big boy "Rache". Its so cute when he calls for her. If he finds a ball or sees a truck or anything that excites him, he calls out "look Rache!" and gets totally pleased when she responds with her excited reply.

 Ended the night eating dinner down here and enjoying the amazing colors that filled the sky! 

This picture is courtesy [Chuck Hilliard]
The moon over Seattle

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