just the two of us.

 Saying good bye to my husband and 3 big kids, while Miles and I head off for our flight to CA!

    he did amazingly well on the flight and looked like this at landing :)

   We spent the first day/night with Jason's family. I actually had a lot of seeing them with just Miles. 
  With 4 kids, its rare to get to see people enjoy just one child, so this was special. 
And I know it was very special to our families as well. 

Jason's sister took a day off work to come see us!
We love seeing Auntie Jenny and had a blast with her being there.
She's the life of any party :)
Miles calls her "Denny"

 Jason's Grandma and me. 
I met this sweet lady when I was only 14 and I've loved learning more 
about her over the past 20 years and seeing how much she loves others. 
She's had a really rough year, physically, but God has sustained her and given my 
in-laws a lot of wisdom for how to care for her in this time of her life.

I'm blessed to have her as my sister-in-law. 

    Grandpa introduced Miles to the Mini Cooper :)

    with his cousins: Kate & Emma

     with my niece Kaitlyn.

   and throughout my trip my husband sent me amazing gems like this.....

 Don't let Josiah's face fool you. 
He's a lovable, sweet, goofy kid.... 
he just doesn't like having pictures taken of him :) 

 the birthday girl - with her matching bear 

 this is my sister and her 4 kids. 
Her youngest turned 8 while I was there. EIGHT! amazing. 
My sister amazes me. 
She is a single Mom, working hard to provide for and love her kids. 
Doing her best to give her kids a life that's happy, healthy and safe. 
The 5 of them have been through so much. More than my small mind can even comprehend. 
When I think about it I get really overwhelmed; sad, angry, hurt, worried, etc... 
then I remember how much God loves them and has protected them and given my sister 
the courage and strength to move on and grow from it all. 
I'm thankful for my parents - for giving them a place to live and their support. 

 We've been home for 4 days and he still talks about being on Papa's cycle :) 

 We all slept in the next morning and took the day slower than usual. 
It was in these moments when I stopped and just smiled. 
The time away was necessary and good, but it felt so good to be back home. 
Doing the every day normal and enjoying every moment of it. 

    went to the store the day after getting home and had to stop and take a pic of my favorite spot.

 traveling is fun. 
vacations are good. 
family is wonderful. 
But being home is where its at. 

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Melissa Joy said...

Love this, on so many levels.

Gina said...

What a special trip for Miles. You're right--it's so different when there's just one child to dote on. I keep thinking how precious the time with Jason's grandma was. What a gift!��


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