Seattle Aquarium

Our parents bought us amazing gifts this Christmas - Jason's parents gifted us with a family year pass to the Zoo and my parents gifted us with a year pass to the Aquarium! We can't wait to go on lots of outings this year and are excited to hopefully bring them when they visit.
Last week brought a windy, rainy, cold storm with it and so we were happy to have an indoor fun, educational place to go to. The trip was somewhat last minute, which usually means Mom needed a day out more than the kids did ;-)
We had a rough school week and I felt like one of my kids especially needed a break from the rigid school schedule. So we called it "field trip" day and spent the majority of the day in Seattle.

Can I just say, I'm so thankful that with every hard day we have, there are a million amazing
moments that help me forget the icky ones. 
I've never wanted to be someone who makes people think life is what it isn't. I like reality, even when its icky. Its often hard to communicate this stuff appropriately online, so most of the time people are totally misunderstood. Or, they're just put down because they only post positive stuff or whatever. 

So if I don't always post about the bad days, or write about my kids and how they drive me nuts sometimes, please don't think that stuff isn't happening. Even people you only see online have rough days and feel defeated and pray to God tomorrow comes quickly because today is the pits. 
But just know that with the bad days and pit feelings, I am SO thankful that these 4 little people God has blessed me with.
They fill my days and my world with so much love, happiness, goofiness, challenges, change, impromptu fun and craziness, questions and quotes that leave me rolling on the floor {figuratively, don't worry} .... you name it. 

I love them so much and though I wish time would slow the heck down, I'm almost impatient to see what kind of young adults they're going to be, what they'll major in in college, who they'll marry, where they'll end up. There's so much excitement wrapped up in those things. Its fun to day-dream about it all and wonder what God has in store. But yeah, I kind of wish he had invented a way for them to stay these cute little people we can enjoy forever. When I tell Rachel that she says, "oh, that's gonna be your Grandkids, mommy!" ...probably true.

they love being goofy and prefer silly pictures to serious ones. 
If I pass one thing onto my kids, I'm thankful it appears I've given them the 
gift of not caring who's looking - but just being themselves. 
As we took this picture a little girl near us asked her mom "why are they being weird like that?" 
and the mom did a great job answering, but I felt said that she couldn't have been more 
than 9 years old and she was uncomfortable with my kids being goofy. 

 the Seattle Aquarium now has sea lions!! 

 We like to watch the ferries go in and out. Miles was experiencing all of this for the first time in his memory and was going nuts. Grabbing his face and yelling "oh no!" every time I boat horn sounded.
He was convinced we were going to see the REAL Curious George at the Aquarium and loved seeing the fish ... from a distance. If we got to close to the tanks he would put his hand out and say "no fish! go back." :)

   someone told me the other day she has no idea how old my kids all are. Since the blog is private now, I worry less about sharing that stuff.
Ethan will be 9 in a couple weeks, Rachel is 7 1/2, Kara is 5 and Miles is 22 months.
So there you go! Ethan and Rachel aren't twins. They're 17 months apart {we get the twin question at least once a week}.

 I'm the crazy person who actually loves this weather. 

we went to Pike Place Market and our favorite toy store before leaving 
that day. We go to the donut shop every time we're there and get a dozen of the yummiest 
little fresh donuts you've ever had! They melt in your mouth, they're so good. 

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Gina said...

Awesome gifts from wonderful grands! I see a year of great times and memories ahead��

Charlotte said...

How fun! And very wise of you to see that you needed a day to just be silly. It changes...parts of me craves the early days of my parenting when school could so easily be put off when needed. I can give a break to the younger two every now and then, but with the older ones having more strict schedules it throws everything off. Can you believe last week I was writing transcripts for my oldest?!? Crazy.

And we LOVED that donut shop when we would visit Pike's Market! We would stop there after getting dumplings across the street at a hole in the wall Chinese place.

Have a blessed week, Stef!


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