and then February came and went.

I feel like I should start every post off with, "so I haven't blogged in a while..." but I'm not going to because its weird.

I have nothing of great significance to say. At least I don't think I do.
I'm at a season in life that leaves me feeling very odd to write about life. My kids are getting bigger, they don't do all the cutsie little things that toddlers and babies do, they deal with bigger kid issues and definitely don't want me sharing that online. We're busy, but that seems lame to talk about too.

Miles is the one I often feel like blogging about because he's in that amazing stage with daily changes and all these big-boy milestones that I know I will one day forget.

the day he made Micky and Minnie Mouse kiss. 

He's talking up a storm in true Arnold kid fashion and speaks in full sentences for the most part. I used to tell people that only we could understand him, but recently I've noticed when friends come over they say things like "oh my gosh! He speaks so clear, I can totally understand him!" so I guess I can't say that anymore ;-)

He goes on the big potty now, but I've not fully trained him. He does "number 2 business" on the potty to his and my delight and is eager to start fully potty training, but I for some reason am holding off a bit. Don't ask.
He naps like a champ during the day, sleeps well at night, and is constantly on the move when he's awake.
He's still a climber, though more cautious than before, and still adores the outdoors. If we could pitch a tent for him to sleep in, he'd never come back inside.

Rachel is his little Mommy and he absolutely loves her. She's his "go-to" when I'm busy or gone.
She's really, really good with him and loves him so much. All the kids love him, but Rachel has a little Mommy type love. She watches him so closely and would give anything just to see him happy.

The kids are enjoying school this year, but we have at least one day a week where we drudge through it and I have to get insanely creative to pep up the learning ethic. I think its probably normal, especially during the before-Spring-break week arrives. We all need a break and we can all feel it. 
We love Classical Conversations. Truly. I can't say enough positives about it. Its changed the way I view home schooling, changed the way I homeschool, given me so much exciting vision and has definitely added tons of creativity and joy to our every day school lives.
I love the community of families and have begun rich friendships that I know will last for a long, long time, which is essential to homeschooling, that's for sure.
What amazes me more and more each week is how much I'M learning through all of this. We joined to have a supplemental program that would provide an even better, more extensive education for our kids and I feel like I'm getting a better education as well. I have nothing negative to say about my education, but its fabulous to be learning along with my kids and actually having things that never stuck, stick!

Trying to think of a quick way to run-down the past 6 weeks...

I guess the good news is, the kids have been healthy this winter! Miles had Pneumonia in December and then I realized its ok to use the essential oils on him that I was using on the older 3 and since then, he's been healthy too. No, the oils are pure magic, but yes, they do work very, very well.

Ethan and I celebrated our birthdays on February 6th! We are enjoying life as a 34 and 9 year old would. Early to bed, early to rise. Well, early to bed for him at least ;-)
We had a fabulous day together; went on the Underground tour in Seattle, out to lunch and then shopped a bit before heading home. I was told by a few that I would hate sharing my birthday, but for me personally, I love it. And I love that Ethan loves it too.

Oh, the Seahawks won their first SuperBowl, no big deal.

Jason and Ethan went to the parade in Seattle to welcome them home, along with seven-hundred-thousand other people.
Ethan says its a day he'll never forget because it was super fun... and his toes have never been so frozen before ;-)

We've gone on several fun field trips over the past month+, with the Pacific Science Center ranking in at one of the best! The butterfly exhibit was amazing {though Ethan discovered he doesn't enjoy butterflies landing on him... at all} and the IMAX movie, Hidden Universe was fabulous.
We definitely want to get a family pass because its super affordable and its a place we could visit many, many times.

I had someone ask me the other day if I could teach her how to meal plan and I laughed out loud... because my mind instantly went to all the posts where I've said I had purposed to get SO good at meal planning and here I am, still not good at it, still having weeks where soup and sandwiches is for dinner because Mommy didn't plan anything better. This is life, folks.
When I figure it out, I'll let you know... but some of you might be teaching me before I teach you ;-)

The months have been full, but good and most importantly, filled with lots of learning and growing. Everyday presents so many new challenges, all of which I don't embrace as I should, but everyday is a day filled to the brim with God's grace and mercy and for that I am so thankful. I cannot imagine walking this life without His help. In fact, most of my days I fall into bed at night and feel more like he carried me completely through the entire day. So "walking" wouldn't be a great representation, haha!

We've had fun trips to the lakes surrounding our home 

We got snow one day... and it melted by the next, 
but we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

 lots of fun play time with the neighbor kids! 

Jason and I have enjoyed a couple dates out that have been SO much fun! 
This one was a windy ride on the ferris wheel, followed by a champagne dinner. 

I took the girls to a ballet performance at the kids museum near our house. 
They loved it, but I had to laugh when I kept finding Kara climbing on the 
semi-truck display :) 

I've been taking #dailycloud pictures on my Instagram account 
because I adore clouds. Especially big, poofy ones. 
They fascinate me to no end. 
I do my best not to filter the pictures at all, though I've taken shadows out of a couples. 
These two weren't touched up at all and they're my absolute favorites so far. 

I'm gonna end with a picture of my big boy "reading" a Mickey Mouse book in Costco. He was enthralled and its the first time I've seen him totally into a book.

Followed by a sunglasses picture I took of him last week. He put my glasses on and said, "mommy look. I say 'cheese!' "
Happy March everyone! 

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Charlotte said...

Love this update of your family!

Gina said...

I totally could have written this blog intro--it's so where I am right now and why my blog is also currently lacking! Good to "see" you here. Sounds like 2014 is off to a good and fun start. I love to hear what your kids are up to and what they say. I had to giggle at Ethan's displeasure with butterflies. We love going to a butterfly house and the kids see it as

Gina said...

Oops! Butterflies are magical here��. Hope the rest of your year is a continuation of this fun adventure. ��

Stef said...

Thanks Gina and Charlotte!


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