right now.

I have no idea if all moms feel this way, but I know I do. Motherhood for me is a constant state of feeling sanctified, humiliated, overjoyed, blessed, cups flowing over, and... at the bottom of a dry cup.

I almost hate blogging about these topics because while everyone wants to find a way to say we're all the same, or it looks the same in each family, or every woman handles her day just the same, its not true. At all. We're so vastly different from one another, which is a good thing.
However, I'm guessing its a for sure thing that we all have amazing days and we all have rough days. Today was a mixture of both, as Mondays typically are.
The weekend was busy and we all woke up today feeling a little bit on the grouchy side, unmotivated to do anything and wanting to just be outside in the beautiful warm weather.

So we went outside. We walked and talked as we went to Starbucks to get coffee for Yours Truly.
Ethan told me he loves our walks because we talk about a huge range of things and he feels like he learns a lot. Score.
Rachel loves our walks because she likes to see bunny rabbits running around the trail and she likes being able to SEE seasons changing.
Kara loves the walks because we talk so much and because its fun to see Miles explore things they think are pretty regular.
Miles just loves to be outside and I think he wonders why we have houses at all.

I love the walks because I adore being outdoors and I like the way my kids enjoy it as well.

Sometimes we have to just leave everything and go do something fun. To get out and explore nature, talk about life, ask questions that we sometimes don't know the answers to - so we come home and dig into those things a bit more. What makes me laugh is, I'll be on a walk feeling guilty that we're not home doing school and then I realize they're all learning a lot. I hate that I worry over those dumb things. I fall into that trap of thinking while we play and explore we're not learning.

So now we're home. Miles is napping the afternoon away, kids are doing their school and I'm actually relaxing because I made tonight's dinner last night.

Sometimes the days get better when we simply change our outlook. Nothing dramatic has to happen, other than Mom being thankful and finding joy in simple things and passing that attitude onto the kids.

I hope you're all enjoying your start to the new week, in whatever ways you can.

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Gina said...

You're so right! Sometimes the best days are the ones we toss out the plan and go on the fly! I struggle with not "doing school" too but I have to save my sanity and the kids are amazing at learning in spite of me. ��.


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