St. Patrick's Day

It was our 3rd annual St. Patrick's Day party with our friends! I never know what to refer to the Bliss family as... since my little sister married Katie's younger brother. I like to say we're family... but I've been corrected by some people that its not actually accurate. Whatever.

We had a great night of good food and fun games!

    My daily cloud pic of the day. {my Tumblr account is thedailycloud.tumblr.com}

    I thought I was so creative coming up with this name tag idea... and then I heard its on Pinterest. 

Miles was born almost a year to the day after Elliott turned 1. 

I told Elliott he has a handsome smile. 
His reaction is adorable and Miles checks to see the handsome smile :) 

Telestrations :) 

my beautiful friend Christina... 

The game is hilarious. We laughed until some of us had tears in our eyes. 

The girl's dessert table. 

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Gina said...

What a fun tradition


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