because Spring is beautiful.

If you take out the whole issue with allergies part, Spring is quickly becoming a favorite season of mine. Its a fickle season for sure, but I've actually been enjoying the variety.
We've enjoyed so many long walks, trips to the park, days spent in Seattle, and just a ton of play time outside, which we're all in favor of.

These two are very close. They're 27 months apart in age and have a close relationship. But with the closeness also comes the ridiculous amount of arguing and whining at each other and tattling. I'm so over the tattling. We've spent quite a few talks through the book of Proverbs and Ephesians lately, talking about what God says about that kind of behavior. Its a good reminder for all of us.

They try to match clothes everyday. I had a lady recently tell me she thought it was odd that I matched them. I don't. It weirds me out that anyone would still dress their 7 1/2 and 5 1/2 year olds, but apparently its normal. When I take them shopping they love to pick out some matching outfits and at home, they're always trying to either perfectly match or color coordinate in some way.
They make up plays, dances and crafts together. They have picnics outside as much as possible and they have an imaginary garden growing over on the backside of the yard.
I snuck this picture without them knowing and I love it because they're in their little world of play and I love that I caught a real glimpse of it.

We live by many different lakes, which I love. 
I'm a water person for sure. Didn't really know that until recently. 
This is Lake Samammish, which is right by where we do most of our grocery shopping. 
The girls have fun, adventurous ideas, so last week when we were going to do our Costco 
shopping, they talked me into a quick stop at the lake. I'm glad they did. 

This is one of the lawn areas behind the lake. 

Lake Boren is right by our house. We walked to the park to meet our friends and found this little
dock all by itself and decided its our new spot to walk to. The kids said they want to bring books and read while we sit here, which I'm totally in favor of :)

I didn't have them pose here. I love that Miles is shirtless (of course) and trying to grab something, I don't know what and Ethan is carefully holding onto him, afraid he's gonna jump off into the water.

We had our Community Group meet at a park 2 weeks ago and BBQ'd dinner and played on the toys. This park is on Lake Washington with breath taking views. I love it. Kara was so proud that she could climb up on the top of the train and lay down super casually :)

The view to Lake Washington from the playground. 

Same lake, same park, different day. This was last Sunday. We came home from church, packed up a quick lunch and headed out to play. Such a relaxing way to spend a day as a family.
Our kids play at the water's edge like this for hours and hours. I love it.

He started off the day so worried about the sandy mess. By the end of our visit, he was covered, head to toe and didn't care :)

 my friend Liz and her family ran into us at the lake and she 
took this picture of Miles. His "duck lips" as Jason calls them is 
one of my favorite things he does right now. 

He turned 2 today. A post on that topic coming soon :) 

This was taken a few weeks back, but its just too cute not to share. 

We studied bridges in school and constructed our own for "finals" week along with egg protectors that we then dropped from 2nd and 3rd stories to see if our egg stayed in tact. 
To my surprise, Kara's protector was the best constructed! 
This is her bridge made with gum drops, toothpicks and marshmallows. 

This is my class I tutored at CC. I'm quite proud of each of these kids and was so 
honored to be their tutor. Such a fun year! This is the day we celebrated 
James' birthday with fun Lego head (marshmallow) treats his mom made :) 

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Gina said...

Spring is my favorite season! I can totally see why you are enjoying it so much. You guys have a great area there!


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