two years ago today...

This day has arrived much faster than I expected. Our baby boy is two years old!
These past two years have been filled with more joy than I could've imagined.

He's into everything, funny, adorable, wild, cuddly, imaginative, bold and sensitive.
He's a handful and pretty easy at the same time. When we're home he tends to be a handful because he likes to get into everything and be all over the place. I don't rest until he's resting.
When we're out and about he goes with the flow very well. He likes to blend with the big kids and does what he's told, which is an awesome blessing for me :)
taken today - his birthday donut 

He talks up a storm; using complete sentences and occasionally big words. He tries to copy everything we all say and does a pretty good job of it! He's going potty on the big potty, which was totally his idea. Not something I planned to do right now, but he wants to so we're doing it. I'm planning to fully potty train him in May.
Still naps like a champ {because when he's awake he never stops moving} and is currently learning his colors. He can count to 10 and sings his ABC's, along with some sign language and part of our Timeline in Classical Conversations ;-)
Makes me laugh so hard when I hear him singing "Creation and the fall, the flood and the tower of Babble!" complete with hand motions. The things younger siblings learn just from watching their older siblings amazes me.
taken yesterday (Easter) at our friends house. 

I'm so thankful for him. I'll never understand the reasons God had for our 3 miscarriages followed by Miles' healthy pregnancy, but I do know that God has a reason and a purpose for what He does and that His ways are always good.
I still remember special dates with our other babies. Like 3 years ago this month we lost Micah. Its a time of my life I will never forget and has impacted me more than anything else I've ever gone through. I'm so thankful to God for that. So thankful for the ways he's changed me through the babies we lost and changed me through Miles' beautiful life.
Our children are gifts from the Lord and until we see them as such, I'm not sure we'll ever understand just how important and special they are.
Miles' life has changed the way I view all my kids. I'm so very aware of how incredibly amazing it is that they each have life and are blessed with such healthy lives. So maybe that was God's purpose, who knows! I'm just thankful He blessed us with this sweet boy.
I took this pic after church yesterday. 
so bummed Kara closed her eyes. But this is reality :) 

I love how different Miles is from his other siblings and I love how much he tries to be his own person. He has a very determined personality and likes to try to everything all by himself. He's very brave and adventurous and I laugh out loud when HE'S the one trying to talk Ethan into doing something crazy :) 
I love watching him Skype with the Grandparents; I love the way he'll forget friends of ours that we actually see somewhat often, but he remembers every little thing about his Grandparents and his face lights up when he hears their voices or sees them on the screen.
We took these this morning as we all greeted him from bed and sang to him. He loved every moment of it :)

He loves Mickey Mouse and Curious George and his first movie he sat through (several times) is Frozen. He has the "Let it Go" song pretty much memorized and we hear him around the house belting out, "yet it go! yet it go! A pass is in a pass!" 

He loves to help me with dishes. 
My only issue with it is that he leaves the water on the whole time 
and I see dollar signs going down the drain :-\
SO I thought up an idea. I fill a big bowl full of water and put some little dishes of his in there to clean and he goes to town having a ball for quite a while! 

This morning he was kind enough to let the girls help :) 

His most favorite thing is to build fires with Daddy and be outside. When its time to come in there are many tears shed.

He loves to go on walks on the trail by our house and gets a thrill when I let him stop and throw rocks in the lake. He's definitely an out doors boy.
He likes Legos and Playmobil and also likes dressing up with his sisters. He's very good about noticing when we girls look all pretty for church and tells me every time he sees my jewelry, "so petty, Mommy! I yike it on you." ;-)
He's  Daddy's boy, but definitely comes to Mommy when he needs lots of sympathy and snuggles.

We had his 2nd Dentist appointment this morning and he did great, with a 
"perfect teeth" report! He hammed it up good for the Dental Hygienist too ;-) 

We love him so much and can't believe he's 2! 
Time refuses to slow down for me. 

Happy Birthday, Miles Jonathan! 

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Gina said...

OMG two came too fast! Happy Birthday Miles! I have to say, your journey to his arrival and welcoming this sweet boy has also sweetened my view of life. I cannot think of him and not think of what a huge blessing he is. God's ways are often strange to us, but have such a great impact on us. Praise God for your family! <3

Melissa Joy said...

Happy two years, mama and son! Wow.
He reminds me so much of my Asher, they'd probably be buds. :) Asher potty trained himself at 28 months, which I was not expecting nor planning! And he too speaks in advanced sentences. I totally hear you on the little miracle baby grabbing your heart in ways you never knew, and in growing up more every time you blink.
Happy celebrating!


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