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This summer has been a doozy. I always leave the school year with this dreamy attitude about Summer. Like, sleeping in, gourmet breakfasts, totally obedient, cheerful kids, weather that cooperates the entire summer long {this means no intense heat, among other things}, fun day trips and weekend getaways, out of town guests and meeting new friends as we play at new places....  and every end-of-August I find myself growling because the summer did NOT go as the above little story was laid out.
For the past couple years, we've found ourselves moving at the end of Summer into the beginning of the school year. Jolly good fun. Its a total thorn in my side, but every year we get through it.

Last year we got through it with a quick trip to CA to see Jason's ailing Grandma, brought my nephew back home with us for a week long visit, sent him home on the plane just in time for Miles to fall and fracture his skull, landing us at the Children's hospital in Seattle for 2 days, only to move a week later. We barely got moved in and we started school, along with tutoring at Classical Conversations completely blind {no experience at all}.
I keep telling myself, if we got through that fine we can get through this move like total pros.
Wish I felt like a total pro.

The house is looking packed, which has a way of making me feel completely anxiety ridden and at ease all at the same time. Because if its packed, it means we're almost ready to move and yet living in a mostly packed house makes me want to pull hair out of my head. I wonder if that's why I felt inspired to cut my hair off earlier this week {thanks for the new do, Candice!}

She gave Rachel, Kara, Miles and me amazing cuts and then spent the afternoon 
with us. Candice is our favorite. If you haven't met her yet, I'm sorry. 
{you can see her amazing photography work over here at her blog} 

Anyway, the house is in a state of chaos and school has started.
I feel weird talking about school starting only because we never really stop. We're learning constantly and didn't put our books away this year. The kids did random work all summer long, which I found to be really helpful on those days when they decided to fight and bicker and wander around driving me nuts. "Grab a book, do some reading, work on your cursive or do a puzzle!" - those words came out of my mouth more than once a week ;-)

The Seahawks played their first game of the season last night and won! We went for a walk Thursday morning {before the game} and I laughed so hard at how into the new season everyone was.
I love that they have such devoted fans; especially since they've played horribly over the last decade. These Seattleites are faithful and were ready for a win. We bought a few things at the drugstore and they gave the kids these 12th Man holders. I had the kids pose along the sidewalk for this picture and while they stood there, cars driving by were honking and people were screaming and cheering "GO HAWKS!" The excitement is fun and funny :)

I took the kids out today to buy them all new shoes {do kids feet grow by inches in their sleep?!} and we first went to Stride Rite. I've been going there since Ethan was a baby because I love the quality of their shoes and I like that I can hand down pairs to new babies we have. Today though, I decided we will be doing our shoe shopping somewhere else. If their prices weren't enough to drive you away, the fact that they NEVER have sizes in their sale items and only have their most expensive shoes in stock  is definitely enough to get me to never return.
I left in a huff after realizing I'd be spending over $200 for 4 pairs of shoes even with a coupon at 20% off. Grrr...
We ended up at Famous Footwear with a BOGO deal and under $100 when all was said and done.
In my book that was a WIN.

Oh! My Uncle thought it was funny to announce my pregnancy on Instagram this week. Except I'm not pregnant. The 20+ text messages I got over that one was fun. Miles is coming on 2 1/2 so I think my family has decided if they invent pregnancies, it will just happen. NOT pregnant, friends. Sorry to disappoint.

We have a couple rooms in the new house that we'd like to paint - please share your favorite brands and colors if you have any! I'm leaning towards spending a bit more for quality paint, but when it comes to *what* quality I have no idea. If you have any favorites, please let me know.

I've literally been rambling. Sorry for the all-over-the-place post. My head feels all over the place lol

Happy Weekend!

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Autumn said...

I love reading your ramblings. :) Makes me feel like I'm just hanging out in your kitchen. So glad you're blogging again!

Stef said...

Thanks Autumn! I've been told that the way I write sounds exactly like the way I talk. Not sure if that's good or scary, haha!

We do need to get together once I'm moved in. Would be nice to see you guys again. Maybe a Hawks game?

Gina said...

It is like sitting with you and chatting--and that is a good thing��. Your shoe deal was a great win--my kids grow a shoe size overnight too and for us to get out the door for under $200 is amazing! Hopefully this move will halt your seasonal moving pattern. Praying for smooth transitions in home and school

Gina said...

Cute cut BTW ��

Autumn said...

We'd love that!! And let us know if you need any help with moving (or with kids on moving day...).

schristen said...

I just realized that you are blogging again and I haven't been reading them. I'm all caught up now....thanks =)


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