the new house

Our home inspection went really well and we're thankful we have nothing major to report. Such a praise!

 While we were there we took some pictures and the owner graciously allowed the girls to swim in the pool for the 1st time. It was a grand day :)

    the pool can be heated, so we plan to use it quite a bit all year long.

 the fireplace/mantle is probably our favorite spot in the house. 

 the little patio outside the master bedroom sliding door. 

 getting a view of how large the lot is. 
We have some bushes to pull out, but we're actually looking forward to it. 

 looking out one of the kitchen windows 

3 {comments}:

Gina said...

First hurdle successfully jumped��. You guys are gonna love this place

laura said...

It looks amazing!! Do you get to keep those deck chairs? Are you going to put up a fence around the pool? It's so nice but the idea of babies (shush it,Miles - and Coral too while we're at it - are still babies as far as I'm concerned) around pools makes me twitch. :-)
Do you guys have an official move date?

Stef said...

Thanks Gina!

Laura, we do get the outside furniture and yes! a gate is going up around the pool (5 ft high with a lock) before we even move in :)

We move end of September!


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