outtakes always make me laugh out LOUD

We had our annual family Christmas pictures taken a few weeks ago and as per-usual, I mostly love the hilarious outtakes. Miles doesn't like to pose, because, well, he's 2 and a half. He'd rather jump, spin, show 2 fingers or completely turn around and pretend not to see you.
Thought I'd share the silliness here with you all :)

this one isn't very funny until you see it with the rest. 
I told Miles he should stand closer to Kara... 

So he did, but he also started jumping, frantically. 

and then Mommy said "Stand still, Miles!" 

Kara is bouncy too. 

and then, of course, we all had to be crazy on purpose :) 

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Lisa said...

Hahaha I love these!


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