summer bliss

Summer has been delightful. I want to blame it all on the fact that we've stayed local and have already soaked up so much relaxing family time, but who knows.
We have a pool and hot tub, so we swim a lot. That's kind of an understatement. We swim all the time. And the other night, my husband got home from work and I thought it would be romantic to surprise him by pulling him in the pool with me. Thankfully due to the 95 degree weather, he thought it was funny and refreshing.
I'm not feeling as wordy these days so I'm going to do more of a run-down of our life the past month.

*We've enjoyed using our fire pit and making all kinds of sugary deliciousness.

*kids have lost teeth and the tooth fairy is going broke.
Rachel likes to pull her own teeth out and this impresses her Dad, so she tends to get quite a hefty amount of moola ;-)

*If anyone's wondering... mosquitos still adore me.
Burts Bees and Honest Company make amazing bug sprays THAT WORK! (yes, I've tried essential oils and no, so far for me they've not worked quite as well) 
I don't buy mine on Amazon (I've found it cheaper at local stores) the links are so you can see which ones I'm referring to.

*we ALL have bikes now, so family bike rides have become a new favorite evening or weekend activity.

*we ended our stay-cation that I wrote about in my previous post with a quick trip to Portland, Oregon. Making it our first actual trip to visit Portland.

*we've had LOTS of friends over to swim and BBQ and we love it. If you want an invite and live close, do NOT hesitate to ask. We like people who invite themselves over. Truly.

*this is an odd sort of update, but important to us, so here goes... Miles takes himself to the bathroom and no longer requires any help! He's been doing this about 4 months now, making himself our earliest independent potty goer :)
He potty trained last summer, but still needed assistance up until around March of this year.

*Our oldest heads off to his first ever week of camp on Monday. If this laptop allowed for emojis, you would see a million crying faces here. That is all.

*July 6th marks the 1 year anniversary of a friend on Instagram who's husband, brother-in-law and Dad all died in a plane crash in California last year. If you read this, please pray for them as I cannot imagine the struggle especially this week/month will be. Pray for their combined total of 3 kids as well who've lived their first year without their Daddy, Uncle and Grandpa.

I hope you all have a safe 4th of July! Amazon gave Jason the day off so he got a 3 day weekend, woo-hoo!!

Happy 4th!

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Gina said...

I love your cover photo and I'm totally jealous over Miles' new accomplishment--being fully potty trained. Miss Hannah certainly is taking her time here. I vacillate from being anxious for her to train and my diaper season ending to being fully ok with her taking her time and remaining my baby a little bit longer. :-)


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