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I'm getting better at this blog thing!  I think its because I updated my side bar with all the blogs I read and now I come here to check those out and read up. Its a win-win situation.

The New Year started off fun with a trip to the Children's Museum in Olympia. We drove an hour south to this museum for 3 reasons. Its tradition for us to venture out to a new place every new year's day. We've heard uh-mazing reviews on this museum and I've been wanting to check it out for a long time. I found a Living Social deal that we couldn't pass up! So we drove down and we all had a blast, not just the kids. We spent several hours there and needed many more to really cover the whole place and enjoy each spot, so we're definitely going back.
We also visited the state capital for the first time. I felt really bad doing that (finally) after living here 7 years, but my good friend who's lived here 38 years told me she's never been, so... guilty feelings averted!

The girls started up with basketball. This is the first year for Kara and we've been told she's a natural. Not really a surprise. When it comes to sports (or anything that takes physical energy and good hand/eye coordination) Kara seems to be a natural. They have games every Saturday and literally count down the days during the week. Ethan sadly didn't make the team. I signed him up 4 days after sign ups opened and they were already full for his age group. Super bummed.

I've not had the amazing health renewal I had hoped to have this new year... but I'm alive and kicking so I'm not gonna complain. I was hit with a horrible flu virus (not the stomach kind) and finally today I got some meds to help with what's turned into a sinus infection. I went back to the ER last week due to a ruptured ovarian cyst (ouch!) and thankfully that's all it was. With the pain I was having they were sure it was my gallbladder, which had me terrified.
I don't like hospitals and yet it seems to be my 2nd home lately. I knew it was bad when I was on a first name basis with the Dr's and nurses (insert wide eyed face here) 
I'm praying so much that my health will get back to being good. I'm doing everything I can do, so we shall see!

We've been working on a bucket list of sorts for this year and its been fun to come up with new ideas, places to visit and people to see. We have a goal of getting to know our neighbors better, which might be difficult in this neighborhood. We don't have the friendliest neighbors. I mean, they're friendly, but they're not out very much. Its the first neighborhood we've lived in that's like this and we're determined to still be obnoxious and get to know everyone well.
We have plans for some far away trips, some places to explore close to home and some fun ideas for game nights here at home. With our kids getting older, board games and such have become way more fun. And we don't have to host a party to enjoy them - the party is built in!

I'll do my best to blog our adventures here. I may even add a picture here and there ;-)

Happy New Year!

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Trisha said...

I'm glad you're blogging again!! I will definitely check in to read and stay caught up- I love when you blog- don't give it up! I love you.

Trisha said...
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Nicola said...

Hi Stef, I just was catching up on all my computer stuff after all the craziness of the holidays and the first of the year. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. So sad. I'm glad to hear that you're doing better now. We'll continue to pray for you all and your family. It was great hearing how things are going to you all. Prayers and love to you.

Melissa Joy said...

Stef, I just wanted you to know that you were on my heart this morning. I was praying for you. I hope it's sunny over there as it is here; it's gorgeous!! I think I am going to drive to town to take the kids out for ice cream and go for a walk at a big park. Wish I could invite you and your crew to join us. :) Peace and joy be with you today.

Gina said...

I agree with Trish--So happy you are blogging! I love reading about you guys--helps me feel closer <3 I love that header photo! I dig the idea of a bucket list for the year too. We have got to get organized and do something like that. Seriously though, this move has left us all turned inside out. Never before have we taken so long to settle in--we still don't feel settled and it's almost 6 mos. But then again, never have we moved a household of 8. It's a no joke task. Anyway, miss you. That is all. :-)


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