Need I say more? ;-)

Sometimes we have days where we just need to be out. 
Away from the kitchen table. 
Away from chores around the house. 
Away from the everyday, mundane. 
My kids recently told me they love doing their art lesson out in 
nature, so I've been trying to do just that on the days we do art. 
Sometimes that means we go sit out on our trail, behind our house. 
Sometimes I means we drive to the beach. 
This beach is called Seahurst Beach Park and its one of our favorites. 
It helps that one of my favorite coffee shops and used clothing 
stores it just up the street from it :) 

We use an art program called Artistic Pursuits and we love it. 
Its taken us a while to figure out which curriculum we like most and this 
one has been a favorite. 
I read the lesson and the story, then we talk about what we learned, 
we try to find real life ideas and then they draw. 

this was our view. 

And kids that once said they couldn't draw *anything*
are now able to draw things like this, in a matter of 10 minutes. 

Because the book we're using is geared to 6th graders, Kara isn't fully 
able to do what's expected, but I love that she can listen and learn 
and do her best. And that's all that matters. Find what you love and do your best. 

I feel the days slipping by. 
I never thought I'd say that,  because the baby and toddler years don't ever 
feel like they're slipping. In many ways they feel like time has slowed down and is 
never going to actually pass. 
As soon as Ethan hit 3rd grade, I definitely felt time going faster. 
I know there's going to be a day when they're away from home much more than
they're AT home and that excites me and makes me sad all at once. 
The other day Rachel mentioned "When you're a Grandma" and I teared up when 
she said it because I know I'm going to be there sooner than I think. 
I love being a Mom. I love having kids and the older they get, I love it more. 
There's always someone to talk to. Someone to play a game with. 
Someone to smile at. 
Someone to help me out when I feel overwhelmed. 
I hope so much that when they're adults we can enjoy a relationship of 
"hanging out" and fun family discussions, laughter and love. 

this was the sunset during Ethan's flag football game last Saturday night. 
God's handiwork never ceases to amaze me. 

this is earlier in the day last Saturday. 
My love for clouds isn't lost on anyone. 
Living in a state where you get epic daily clouds has basically 
been a dream come true for me. 

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Gina said...

I am so inspired by the kids art! I'm gonna look into that program. :-) You guys do have amazing clouds and landscapes there. Thanks for sharing the images. :-)

Stef said...

Thanks Gina! Always nice to know people still read this :)


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