moving on

I realized this morning that Rachel no longer calls Ethan "E-E". She has called him that name since before she could say "Mama". I felt so sad. I'm glad she's maturing as she should, but its so weird to hear her say "Efan".
Such a weird thing to post about, but I knew you moms would feel my pain. :)

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The Abe Green Family said...

I totally understand your pain and sadness. I don't want my baby to grow up either :(

Gina said...

I remember when Nikolas called Jozsef Jo-Jo. Then, over night it seemed, he starting calling him Jozsef. It came out of nowhere. I agree, it's a great milestone, but significant enough to realize just how much they've been growing. Bittersweet as it is, you'll appreciate her maturity when the next one arrives. :-)


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