brick houses, lakes & sail boats

We took my Mom to Luther Burbank Park the day after she arrived
{so these pictures are coming on 3 weeks old, sorry}
and had a very relaxing, fun time!
I love this brick building. Every time we walk by it, I have these day dreams about the people who used to live there, back in the day. It has the most grand view of Lake Washington and I just love how its entirely made of brick.

if you can see the little sail boats, these are several little kids having sail boat lessons. Ethan was super excited to see this and announced that he would like to do the same when he comes of age.

the kids with Nana

another example of how Kara copies everything Rachel does...


after :-)


and, after!
I tried getting out of the tree gracefully. It didn't work.

July/August brings new ages for all 3 of our kids!
Ethan 5 1/2
Rachel 4
Kara 22 months!

6 {comments}:

Volkov Family said...

Lovely pictures!

Gina said...

Great pictures--esp the ones of you and Jason in the trees :-)

Amber said...

Great pics...especially the tree ones. love the one of you hanging.

Jessica said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing. And your mom looks awesome. And you and Jason look full of life and joy and your kids are beautiful.

Stef said...

Thanks Jessi! Jason has been told (more than once since moving here) that he looks much healthier. I guess its the fact that he's not working in an office 24/7 and gets to be out doors more :)

The Thomas Family said...

Stef, you're so cute.
I miss the gorgeousness of WA.
Great pics! Love those kiddos - Kiss those adorable faces for me!


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