NW Trek

Last Monday we went to the bottom of Mt. Reinier to a park called NW Trek. We happened to go on a day with perfect weather, which was nice. It was cold {not so much for what we're used to though} but beautifully sunny. The best part of this field trip was, it was Jason's day off anyway, so he got to come with us!
I realized after sifting through all the pictures, we need to start handing our camera to people and asking them to take shots of our whole family.

{Kara was so proud to be able to stand on that rock}

Nicola, we thought of you and your husband's passion for hunting when we saw these big guys :) 

Rachel, with a boy she met on the tram. 

Kara decided it was naptime on the tram ride and fell fast asleep. 
About 45 minutes after the ride, I was sitting on a bench {still holding her while she slept} 
and suddenly felt something really warm on my stomach and legs. 
You know the saying, "when you've gotta go, you've gotta go!" 
We had a change of clothes for her, but neglected to bring a set for me :) 

After the tram ride we walked all through the forrest zoo area and got to see all kinds of 
bears, bob-cats, tigers, deer, sheep, and more! 
They had a small hands on room where the kids could read about the different animals, 
do crafts and see aquarium tanks with fish, frogs, snakes and spiders.

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Gina said...

Those, what are they? Bison? are really cool! Riley wet through on me the other day & we were in the same boat--clothes for him but not for me. Can't fit everything into the diaper bag! :-)

Stef said...

yep! those are bisen - there were lots of them too!

The Abe Green Family said...

Abe has such fond memories of this place! He wants to take the kids there someday. He said it is pretty amazing :)

Nicola S. said...

What a glorious day!! Love the girl's coats. I love the spring green grass.
Audrey was so excited to see the "buffohole" which we see everytime we go to Missoula. There's a buffalo ranch outside of Missoula.

Shane Eckert said...

I have totally been there! That is one of my wife's favorite places, so naturally when we were dating and after we were married she took me there. It was a blast!!

Stef said...

cool! I'd like to go in the summer months and see it then!

Jessica said...

Wow!! What a really cool place! I love that they have all kinds of non-traditional zoo animals there too. Such a fun family day & great pictures!


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