the day is coming... too quickly.

Jason and I deep cleaned and purged the garage last week. Its one of my favorite things to do- purge- but seems harder to do with 3 little kids who need to be watched closely.
Since we're moving again this fall {read the bottom of this post if that news surprises you}
we decided we'd purge through the garage for real. Getting rid of stuff that we know for sure now we never use and only store.
We've also been trying to simplify life over the past few years. Thought we were doing well with it, but a few things snuck in when we weren't looking :) This basically looks like {for us} less clothing, less decorating for holidays and not having to store up so many things all the time. Putting our energy into storing up those treasures for Heaven and less things to just fill up our home and lives here.

In the process of cleaning, we found our wedding box, with my veil in it. I knew the girls would get a big kick out of wearing it, so I brought it in and they were thrilled with excitement. They've seen our wedding pictures LOTS of times and knew exactly where the veil came from. Rachel was most excited and wanted to wear it properly and pretend she was getting married.
 She still says she's marrying Ethan and for now, I'm fine with that. She'll figure these things out in time. I saw her link arms with Jason, saw him kiss her on the head and felt like I was getting a glimpse into the future I know is going to come oh, so fast.
I'm saving this picture. There's going to be a day where I match it up to the real one and tear up about how this one feels like it was taken "just yesterday." 
Also, is it just me or is Rachel looking more and more like my Mom every day? 

she told me "when we meet a man for me to marry someday, this is what Daddy and me will do at church. We'll walk to he front and then the pastor will say "do you wanna marry this girl or what?" and the man will say "Yep! I do!" and then we'll be married and I'll kiss Daddy and then I'll always kiss my new husband, because we'll be married and we'll want to kiss because we're in love.
I like her version... a lot :)

Can someone please let me know where the past 5 years have gone?! 

*also, I still see chub in those cheeks! 

**oh, and, I love this girl so much. 
She has her whiny, difficult days, but on the whole, Rachel is a ray of sunshine in our home. I tell her all the time she's God's gift of JOY to me. 
Always smiley, always telling us silly stories, very selfless, a tender sister, always saying "I love you" and always offering free hugs and kisses, just because. 


Kara got her turn with the veil and thought the whole thing was so silly. She thought it was something to hide under. 
She kept asking "why do you wear this, Mommy? Why do you wear it in your pictures?"

She wanted us to put it over her head and insisted that she yank it off and say "boo!" to us when it came off. I think she totally missed the point, but the pictures sure turned out cute!  

I told her "this is what you wear when you go to get married." and she said "Oh! But I not getting married yet. I have to be six first." 

Yes... this is true. 
And then wait about 30 years after that. 
Just kidding. 
Sort of  :) 

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Matthew said...

This is SO sweet, Stef!! Thanks!

big hair betty said...

Whoops, that last comment is from Sara!

Nini said...

So lovely! So crazy to see time flying so fast! Your girls are just delightful and beautiful - like their mama!

Cindy Marsch said...

Precious, says the mom of Abby, who is now 22 and just graduated from college! Remember her? Thought so. :-) David graduates next year, and little curly-headed Betsy is just finishing her freshman year in college. I don't know how it happened!

Brooke said...

Cute :)
I hear you in feeling like that day will be here so fast!

Nicola S. said...

Adorable! I love Rachel's version on getting married.

Gina said...

So precious! These pictures will be super special when the real day comes--so awesome!

Melissa Joy said...

Okay so this actually made me tear up. ;) "Adorable" just doesn't begin to cut it...

funnysunnysarah said...

Very sweet~
lOve reading this stuff-kids are sweet&it goes by too fast,I agree!

Erin said...

Aw!!! Rachel looks gorgeous! Wow girl. :)

~ Kristen said...

This brought tears of joy to my eyes because its so true they grow up so fast and your kids will love you (more than they already do of course) for these photos some day!! OMG adorable!!!

Jane said...


Jessica said...

First of all, I love to purge too especially when I'm nesting-- I'm so jealous that you two got to do your garage already!! I've been dying to get my hands on boxes in mine!

Ahhh, and this post actually helps me not be terrified to raise girls, if we get the chance! ;) Your girls are seriously so precious and sweet! I'll take a few like yours. :)


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