celebrating the Father of my children

Today we honor our Fathers. 
And the Father of our babies. 
Today we celebrate and give thanks to God for these men. 
Its such a special day. 
To honor not only my Dad and my Father-in-Law, 
but to also honor my husband. 
To thank him for the love, sacrifice and faithfulness he shows to our family. 
To show him in very special but practical ways, we appreciate you.
We're thankful for you. 
We're so blessed by you. 

Jason is a great Dad. 
He's blessed to know and see many great examples. 
We're blessed by many sermons and lessons that teach us how to be better, more 
Christ-like parents. To do our best to love as Christ loves. 
To cherish as Christ cherishes and to train up and nurture in a way that brings glory to God. 
He doesn't do those things perfectly. 
He's often discouraged by the task of parenting; feeling like there's so much to fix.
So much to learn. So much to work on. 
But I've been so thankful to see the way he relies on God for this job. 
He's quick to watch those men who've gone before him. 
To learn from the older, wiser men. 
I know one thing our kids will learn from and see in their Daddy is 
his humility. His quick ability to say "I was wrong." 
to ask forgiveness and to move his pride out of the way. 

I love you, Jason. I'm so very thankful to God for not only the wonderful 
husband you are, but for the Father God is shaping you into. 
Its been fun to watch you grow in this area over the past 6 years.
To even see your joy and love of kids grow. 
To hear you say things like: 
"parenting is a challenge, but its such a reward and so sanctifying."

Thank you for loving our kids and for being such a good leader in our home. 
Thank you for pointing our kids to Christ and reminding them that He is our Head.
Thank you for marrying me and wanting to have a whole bunch of kids with me :)

Happy Father's Day!

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funnysunnysarah said...

This was so sweet to read! How you put all the words together so perfectly. I enjoyed every word,and as I sat on my couch today and read it I smiled and laughed a littel. Russell was sitting next to me and wondered why I was smiling so big. So I reasd it to him and told him that "once again Stef took the words right out of my mouth"....He loved hearing me read it to him. It was lovely...Hope you all enjoyed your Father's day!!! We did : )

Gina said...

what a great tribute! Happy Father's day Jason!


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