Father's Day

Nearing the end of our blog posts about our trip to California! We went to church in Brentwood on Father's Day, said good bye to all our friends and my family and then drove to Livermore to spend the day with Jason's parents and the Great Grandmas.
We had a really nice, relaxing day there. BBQ lunch was very yummy and it was fun to be able to spend Father's Day in person with family. Though we learned, once again, on this trip, being too far away to juggle holidays between families seems to be a bit of a hidden blessing sometimes ;-)
The kids being another year older and understanding more of what Father's Day means, just makes the day more fun. I think the girls said "Happy Father's Day, Daddy!" about 1 hundred times and I think Jason got double the hugs and kisses {from all of us} that he usually gets. Those are the type of "gifts" we give on these days. And when we're home, we make special, fun food for the person we're celebrating.
I wrote my actual Father's Day post to Jason here, if you didn't read it and wanted to.

 on our way to church.

 lunch at Grandpa & Grandma's house. 

 we had sparkling apple cider for the special occasion!

 Daddy bought Grandpa a Father's Day card in Spanish!

We said our good byes and took off for Sacramento, straight from their house. Kara was looking like this about 5 minutes into our trip.
We were all super exhausted, but happy to be able to have another fun day with Daddy's family and to be able to relax and enjoy Father's Day.

From there we went to Sacramento to spend our final day and half at my Uncle's house.

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Nicola S. said...

Love the picture of Jason and the kids. So adorable.
I also love this pictures from your visit with Amber and her kids.


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