slippin' into summer...

Slowly but surely Summer seems to be inching its way to us, but not fast or suddenly like it usually does.
We have one day where it looks and feels like the middle of August, then the next day its cooler and more overcast. Very odd. But because I hate too much heat, I'm actually a fan of this oddity.
Today we pulled out the slip'n'slide that Grandpa and Grandma gave to us. I love that this thing provides hours and hours of fun for the kids. I got the whole kitchen cleaned up and the laundry done while they danced and raced and played in the water.
Kara still doesn't realize you need to throw your body and slide on it. She just plays at the very end, in the pool of water. Or, maybe she does realize it and is just smarter than most people :)

 We're back to our normal routine of life here. Its been nice to be home and kind of hard at the same time. We came home to our move on the horizon, which, like it or not, its going to take up all of our summer. So I guess our trip to California was our last hurrah in a sense.
Our current landlords have been completely amazing about this whole process. They understand its a lot to ask a family with 3 small kids to pack up earlier than planned, to be ready at a moment's notice for a prospective buyer to come view the home and to be willing to be gone on Sundays so the home can be open all day. Gosh, after writing all that out, maybe I need to re-think how crazy we are :)
To show us how thankful they are, they're cutting our last month's rent quite a bit and offering to give us back all of our security deposit, as long as we haven't damaged anything in the home {which we haven't} which will both be very helpful.
 But, we still have to move. And even though we're over-the-top excited about the new place and completely amazed at how God is providing for us... it still means packing and purging and cleaning and unpacking and all that.
 These are moments where I'd love to be a kid again and just bask in the ignorance of life.
To run around like I don't have a care in the world and get the biggest thrill out of cold water splashing against my body. Today Rachel said to me "I have a lot on my mind, Mommy." when I asked her what was on her mind she said "well, I need to think about what I want for lunch AND decide if I will wear a skirt or a dress."
Yes. That is a lot for sure.

 My Mom gave me her old Kitchen Aid mixer when I was in California! 
I brought it home, so excited to try it out and just as I went to add ingredients, I noticed
it was leaking oil all over the place. Looks like the 20+ year old mixer decided to retire 
just in time for its life in the Pacific Northwest. Boo-hoo! I guess it gives me one more
thing to put on my list of things I'm saving up to buy. Especially since Kitchen Aid support 
told me we're looking at a $500 repair for the old one <gasp!>
Um... they do realize brand new those things are under $300, right? 
 I'm gonna start working out again. Like, for real this time. And none of this getting sick nonsense that always seems to happen just after I begin working out again.
My goal is to eat healthier to {she says as she eats another peanut M&M while typing}
But seriously, the M&M's are the only junk food in the house right now and for us, that's rare.
I left my favorite Jillian Michael's workouts at my parent's house and I thought of putting off the routine until I get those back... but I'm gonna suck it up and do the ones I'm not very used to until the other ones are sent back. See how I'm not making excuses anymore?
We've been eating more fish, I'm snacking way less at night and when we do snack, we're munching on fruits and veggies instead of empty carbs. My friend Shanna gave me that idea. Instead of junky chips or crackers, why not dip some carrots or raw sweet potato slices in hummus? Yummy.
Farmer's Markets have started up again, so I'm making lists of all sorts of things I can buy and cook with.
 So on a day like today, I'm thankful for things like a slip'n'slide, for episodes of Curious George and Super Why, for ice cubes to put in my water, for faithful friends and for a husband who works very hard every day to provide for our family. I'm really looking forward to the 4th of July and the awesome weather we're supposed to have. I'm excited about having some new and old friends over for a BBQ and then watching the fireworks from our amazing view we have... for one more month.
We found out that fireworks are legal at our new home, so next year's celebrations will be a bit more edgy :)
Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend! 

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Nicola S. said...

I love that you posted about a slip and slid, Lucas and I were just talking about getting one for the girls. we have a great little hill that would work to give a little more boost to the slid part. Hope your weekend goes really well and Happy 4th!!

Stef said...

Yes! My in-laws got one for the kids and its bringing back a lot of fun memories. Although, I did try it the other day and lets just say, its quite painful when you throw more than 100 pounds onto the ground, even in water fun ;-)

Thanks for your comments, Cola! Its nice to hear from you.

Jessica said...

What an AWESOME slip n' slide!! And boo about the mixer!! Such a bummer after you were looking forward to using it finally!!!


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