thirty-two and seven

{I've been really bad about blogging lately, sorry.}

Ethan and I celebrated our 32nd and 7th birthdays on February 6th! We started celebrating on Saturday, since Daddy had the day off work and enjoyed a day of park playing, visited a beautiful lake/beach near our house and ate breakfast out. 

he's 7. someone please pinch me. 

she loved the ring sucker that Grandpa & Grandma sent :) 

    Birthday twins 

    the face. I have no idea why she made it, but it makes us laugh. 
Maybe that's why she does it :) 

   the girls did this slide about 50 times; screaming and giggling every time :) 

On the evening of our actual birthday we got a sitter for the girls and Jason and I took Ethan out for his birthday dinner in Seattle, all by himself. We had a really nice time and enjoyed the alone time with him.
He remarked several times how quiet it was without the girls there :)
We got to sit IN the trolly car at the Spaghetti Factory, which was a hit for the birthday boy.

Daddy's office is up there! 

first Italian Cream Soda. 
He loved it :) 

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Sunny said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I turned 32 on February 11th. It's going to be such a great year for both of us. <3 Hope to see you soon, it's been too long!!!

Liz said...

Sweet! Happy birthday to you both :) Looks like so much fun!

Stef said...

Sunny!! I miss you too. We do need to get together soon. Every time I see my beautiful deep purple wrap I think of you :)

Thanks Liz!

Nicola said...

Cute! Happy Birthday Ethan and Stef!

Erin said...

I was thinking of you on your birthday & I think I even emailed you. But at that moment forgot to say happy birthday. How lame. Grrr.
What a great weekend!
I love the special dinner just with Ethan. He must have been loving it. :)

Gina said...

What fun! Happy birthday both of you!

Tara said...

LOVE the spaghetti factory!!

happy happy birthday!!! :)

schristen said...

Which park is that in this post? It looks like so much fun. I think you are the queen of cool parks= this summer I expect a tour of cool parks with our kids, ok?


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