8 years

Today Jason and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary!

I told him the other night that I don't think we're considered newlyweds anymore,
but I kind of think that's all a matter of perspective anyway. 
He said, "if I could get more married to you, I would."  ;-) 
Its a lovely thing to be told after 8 years. 

I remember last year posting wedding pictures, 
posting about Kara turning 2 1/2 on our Anniversary, 
and posting about our exciting news of expecting baby Micah. 
Amazing how much changes in one year's time. 
I never imagined only a few days later, I'd be posting about his death.  
I don't wish the past year didn't exist. 
All things work together for good to those who love God. 
They were months that were largely filled with grief, 
but always filled with God's love and peace. 
They were months God used to bring the two of us closer to 
Him and closer to each other. 
And, quite honestly, its very difficult to want and desire something
that God clearly didn't will for us. 
I am excited though, that we're at our next Anniversary 
getting ready to welcome another little blessing into the world! 
37 weeks pregnant never sounded so delightful :) 

Jason, I want to thank you publicly for being a wonderful husband. 
Your love & faithfulness to God and to the 5 of us is beautiful. 
I am everyday amazed at God's goodness to me in blessing me with you.
I'm excited to celebrate today with you and look forward to this new
year of marriage, together. 
You're my very best friend and I cannot imagine life w/out you. 
Well, I can... It would be lame. 
Thank you for marrying me.
I love you so much!

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jillyco said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! I can't believe it's been 8 years for you. Enjoy your day! Love you both!

jill denton said...

Soooo sweet! Whatba beautiful testimony of God's goodness to His children!

Gina said...

Love this hand holding picture and your message to Jason! Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! God is good! :-)

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Through all the pain, it was a powerful year, right? Praise God! I am glad you guys are still newlyweds at year 8. We are almost at 8 year anniversary of engagement. Remember we were wondering when the question would be popped, when we were getting ready for your ready? :)
Love to you guys!

Charlotte said...

This was such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to you both and blessing to the many years ahead!

Liz said...

Happy anniversary!!! Congratulations on being full term in your pregnancy too :)

W and J said...

Yaaaaaaaay!! :) You guys are still such babies! ;) And such amazing examples-- we LOVE you, Arnolds!!

p.s. I couldn't agree more! We're definitely *still* in the honeymoon stage too.


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