Miles {1 month}

I cannot believe its been a whole month since Miles was born! In some ways I can't remember life without him and then in some ways, I feel like its still so amazing he's here with us.

He's getting big, fast. Makes me sad and happy at the same time. Its exciting to see him grow and be so healthy - just sad to see those newborn days flee away so quickly. We were at the Dr. today and he's gained 2 1/2 pounds in the past 2 weeks! He recently grew out of newborn clothes and isn't fitting into some of his 0-3 month clothing. I had to get the bin of 3 month clothing out yesterday and realized he's pretty much in that size now. Amazing...
He's a champion nurser. Still nursing pretty frequently at night, but with the nursing issues I've had in the past, I don't really mind him waking me up often. I think for me, it helps keep the milk production steady. As long as I go to bed at a decent hour, I actually like the feedings in quiet solitude with just the two of us. He seems to enjoy them too. Its usually when I get all his smiles and coo'ing. I think he fully understands he has 100% of Mommy's attention :)
He's not nearly as smiley as our other kids were at this age. He watches people closely and often has a very concerned look on his face. It makes me laugh because he looks worried about all the chaos he sees around him ;-)
He's a fabulous napper. Not on any nap routine yet, but when he does nap, he prefers to be out amongst the noise, in the main part of the house. Its nice for me because Kara was the opposite and I remember having the hardest time keeping the house quiet enough for her to stay asleep longer than an hour. I literally vacuumed around Miles today while he napped and it just seemed to lull him further.
For the most part we're back into our normal swing of life. We have days that flow smoothly and beautifully and then days like today, that did not. I had to remind myself to be thankful that today was the first day since his birth where it felt like everything was just going wrong.
He seemed extra gassy today and seemed to have troubles nursing {going to have to watch what I eat} and the girls woke up deciding to give me a run for my money with naughty behavior - so it made for a very rough day. Its over though and tomorrow is fresh.
I'm also learning that even though I took my recovery slower this time, I'm still needing more rest than I did with the other kids, because I now have 4, a busier schedule, and my body is a few years older :)
I still lay down with him at least once throughout the day and if we're home, I try to lay on the couch when I nurse him, just to get added rest/relaxation there. I've never acquired the 'walk while you nurse' thing. Not sure how much I'd enjoy walking while I eat, so I've always assumed my babies would prefer me to sit while they eat ;-)
For me personally, its a guaranteed 30 minutes of rest and peace, just me and baby.
Jason's sister and brother-in-law drove up to spend the weekend with us and to meet their new Nephew! More on that visit {and pictures} for a later post. I'm trying hard to stay up-to-date with this blog. I know some of you only see pics of him on here, so I will do my best to keep them coming.

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Gina said...

Some great pictures--especially the first one. One month went by too fast and the fact that he's outgrowing things already--my goodness! Glad to hear that things are overall going well and you are enjoying growing in the process. :-) Taking it slower as a mom of more than just a couple is essential. No sense in pushing too hard too fast--the work will still be there! :-) Miss you all!


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