Rich & Toothless

Her 5th tooth came out last night and 5 more are loose!
What's happening to my baby? 
Kara is getting increasingly concerned because she doesn't realize a new tooth eventually grows in. 
She told Rachel, "soon you'll have to buy pretend teeth like the Grandma on The Lorax." :) 

Congrats, Rachel! Ethan has lost 8, so I think she's just in a hurry to catch up to him. 

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Nicola said...

That's so adorable. I love what she told Rachel. We were talking about loosing teeth and Audrey got very concerned that she wouldn't have any teeth. Oh well. She find out soon enough.

Stef said...

Cola, you win the award for actually commenting ON the blog post! Everyone else seems to only comment on the Facebook link of the post ;-)

My kids all did this - they would freak out and say "But I like having teeth!" and I'd have to explain that new ones grow in :)

Erin said...

Rachel looks awesome!
It's crazy watching our kids grow up like this... :/

Trish Thomas said...

Rach is just pure adorbs.
Kara too.


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