we {heart} Seattle.

It was a mild winter and has definitely been a lovely Spring. 
We'v had a great mix of winter/early Spring weather mixed in with 
definite Spring weather. 
We have a hard time staying indoors during any weather, but when its 
this nice out, we venture somewhere. 

 First, we did PE out back. 

    the kids played while I packed lunches for our trip and cleaned up the breakfast mess.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then we drove to Seattle. Its our go-to place when we want an exciting adventure. Seattle is different every time we go and we live so close, so its a no brainer.
The kids asked if we could go by Noah's Bagels on our way. So we stopped off and found out that Noah's has been renamed! Einstein Brothers bought Noah's several years ago and for some reason just now changed the name. Still tasted just as good.

 I had fun being artsy fartsy with my iPhone. 

   someone things he's all big and grown up now.

 These are shots I took in Seattle. 
Just thought they looked cool. 

 My 3 buddies. 
Rachel asked me if I was bored before they were all born. 
I told her I've not been bored since marrying Daddy.... 
but that my days are full of excitement because of them :) 

 Our favorite toy store has the coolest toys! 
Finally found these on Amazon

I liked the brick wall. 
Asked the kids to stand by it so I could snap a pic. 
They all posed and smiled nicely.  
 I said, "how about if you don't really pose. Just look natural." 

This is apparently what my kids think is "looking natural." :) 
    they pretty much nailed it.

 this is another amazing toy we love. Quadrilla 

    the restroom tile wall makes me LOL every time.

   My Mom loves the show Downton Abby and so we took this one for her, in honor of her show. 

Was a gorgeous day and as always, we had a great time! 

5 {comments}:

Liz said...

I would love to meet you downtown sometime! We are planning on taking another trip to the aquarium too. Have you been to the aquarium in Seattle?

Stef said...

Liz, that would be so fun! We had passes to the Aquarium in '09-'10 and we plan to get them again this year since they're adding the new sea lion exhibit :)

Emily said...

I LOVE the kids in front of the bricks!!! I sure hope you're planning on framing it! It's a perfect personality shot...the kind that deserves a place of honor.

Gina said...

The kids in front of the bricks are great--I love how high fashion Kara naturally looks :-)

Stef said...

Emily, I will frame it, just for you :)


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