Gingerbread houses in Seattle

So, most of Saturday looked like the picture below. We started the day by sleeping in until around 9. 
We ate breakfast, cleaned our rooms {ever notice how crazy cluttered bedrooms get on Christmas week?!} and then decided to give the kids a treasure hunt for their stocking stuffer gifts since we lost their stockings in our move. 
We were so worried they'd be bummed but instead, they loved the hunt! By the time they were done we heard cheering and begging us to let them do that again next year. Who would've thought?! 
I also love that stuffing stockings with toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip gloss and playing cards is still a major thrill to our kids. 
At what age do they catch on and expect iPods? Ours will be sorely disappointed when that year comes. 
Ethan got a new small lego set and had to put it together right away and of course, his shadow helped watched and tried to undo any productive building that was done :) 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

After naps, we took the kids into Seattle to see the gingerbread display. 
Do you remember my post from last year? You DON'T?! I'm shocked you can't remember every post I've ever posted. Just kidding... It would relieve me to know you actually can't remember. 

The weather has been amazing this month. It usually is amazing in December {except last December when it was cold and gloomy all.month.long}
We've had an amazing mixture of cold with snow, a little bit of rain, and cooler sunny days where you can feel the crispness in the air, but it looks like summer from your kitchen window. 
I would prefer a bit more rain scattered in there - but living in Seattle I find myself eagerly awaiting 
what I'm sure is coming and not worried it won't come ;-) 
The sunsets have been stellar and this evening's ranked high up on the list. And as always, pictures can't do sunsets true justice. 
We were driving over the Lake Washington bridge when I took this one. I love the layer of pink among all the different shades the clouds have. 

Christmastime in Seattle! 
We've wanted to do this every year since moving here and I kid you not, every single 
December someone is sick early in the month with some type of sickness that keeps us indoors 
and if we're not sick, we're in California. 
This was the first year we were able to go and we had tons of fun! 

   this picture was taken for my cousins who love this store. 
A 3 story Forever 21. 
I think I possibly lured them out here for a visit by this picture ;-) 

The Sheraton Hotel presents... the gingerbread house display! 
 We had so much fun being here again and even more fun bringing Daddy with us! Last year we went with our friend Candice when Jason was at work and so this was thrilling for the kids.
Its completely amazing to see these displays and know that people designed them, created them and that every single item is edible. And even though we tell our kids that as we look, they still ask things like, "what about the door? Is the door edible?" -Makes me laugh every time.
I always have the urge to come home and create my own amazing gingerbread house, town, boat, etc... but I quickly lose interest when I get home and remember what my gifts and talents are :)
I took a ton of pictures; enjoy.

I'm that annoying lady asking if you'll please take a picture of our family. 
After you agree I let you know you will have to make funny faces, dance and act crazy 
to get our kids to smile and then take 5 million shots of the same shot to make sure you 
capture a nice picture. I'm kidding. But I've come close. 

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