Rachel can officially count to 10! I was doing a puzzle with Ethan today and it had numbers on it. He was missing a few, so to help him figure out which numbers he needed, we were counting from 1-20. Rachel was in her room playing and we all of the sudden heard her saying "un, two, free, fow, five, sits, heven, ate, nine, TEN!"
Ethan and I jumped up from the table and ran into room and asked her to do it again for us, but of course... she doesn't perform on demand.
She did count for Daddy when he got home from work, so at least we know she really can do it. :)

Anyway, thrilling news.

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Gina said...

Way to go Rachel! Very exciting to see thier skills increase. :-)

Stef said...

I know... I was so excited. I keep viewing her as this little baby, so lately with all her talking, she seems SO big!

big hair betty said...

I read your post about Ethan using the word "couple" and later Ezra started using it as well. Matt had used it the day before, asking Ezra if needed a couple of books to sit on at the dinner table, and the next day Ezra was using it around the house. Pretty funny!

Stef said...

that is so funny! Its amazing what words they catch on to. I'm sure Ethan has heard us say it a lot, I was just amazed that he knew how to use the word properly.
How old is Ezra? I think they're pretty close in age.

jillyco said...

Hurray for Rachel!! That's very exciting news!! :o)

Stef said...

Ethan would like me to tell you all that he can count to 40.
I think he's feeling a bit jealous. :)

Stef said...

she can officially count to 15 now!!


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