wrote it Monday, posted it Thursday

Every once in a while I get all giddy about writing stuff on my blog. Almost like the feelings I got when I was younger and I'd buy a new journal, excited to go home and fill its empty pages with all the details of my life. Its like when I go to a store like Target or Marshall's and find great deals on stuff for the house, or for the kids, I can't wait to come home and start enjoying my new finds. The other day I found a dress for Kara; super cute and such a great deal. I wanted to let her sleep in it that night, because I wasn't sure I could wait until morning to see it on her and watch her twirl in it. She loves to twirl.

**I'm still not sure what this post will be titled, mostly because its just me, typing. Just think of it as me having a conversation with you. That means it will be random and in the end you might wonder what we were even talking about.

Its been a c-a-l-m couple of weeks. Some of that is due to sickness and I'll tell ya, I'm a fan of sickness when all it does is calm life down and make way for nothing but relaxing family time. I'm a big fan.
Just seems like since November, life has been one unpredicted mess that won't stop. Some good, some bad, some I'm still not quite sure and quite frankly, I've decided I'd rather just move on and not try to figure it out. Seems my back issues haven't gone away {wishful thinking} but the visits to the chiropractor have been helpful, so I remain optimistic. My friend the other day asked...

"are you ever NOT optimistic?!"
Yes. I am. Just ask my husband.

A dear family member of ours passed away on Saturday afternoon. Aunt Jean. She was Jason's Uncle Larry's sister and she lost her battle to ovarian cancer. She was only 50 years old and one of the sweetest, most positive women I've met.
this is us with Jean last June in California. 
She loved the Lord and I keep reminding myself that lucky for her, she's with Him now. Every time I go to feel sad about her dying or wish she was still hear, I can hear myself saying "how dare you wish that! don't be so selfish. you'd never want people wishing you could come back from Heaven." Its true. I'm happy for her... but sad for our family. We will miss her.
here Ethan is learning how to play Skip-Bo with Great Grandma & Jean. 

Rachel woke up on this morning with pink eye. Don't ask, because I have no idea. She's our first child to have pink eye and its been odd. I don't think its a bad case of it, because it seems almost easy to ignore until you look at her and wonder if its painful. She keeps reassuring me its not. Kara and I ran to the drug store tonight and bought her some of the Similasan's Pink Eye Relief drops and so I'm hoping it looks much improved when she wakes up tomorrow. We also bought Hello Kitty Valentine's cards. Not because we have plans to send them out to Kara's friends... just because they're Hello Kitty and they were $1 for the pack. I think I saw them all over the floor in her bedroom tonight, so it looks like they're getting put to good use.
**Update**the pink eye lasted about 8 more hours and was gone. thank you Similasan! 

The heart cut-out comforter Rachel's had her eyes on at IKEA finally went on sale! I grabbed it for $14 yesterday. Its actually a duvet cover & pillow case. She was so excited when I came home and showed it to her... "I love this one! I've seen it every time we go and I imagine it on my bed!!"
I spent this afternoon out all by myself. Other than a phone chat with my Mom, it was nice to be alone. Nice to think in my head and not be interrupted. It was nice to walk through IKEA at a slow pace and actually see what's in that store. Its a good thing they send out large, detailed catalogs because otherwise I'd have no idea what's in that store. Other than a play land and a cafeteria, I know about those places.
I got a pedicure {way overdue} and she painted beautiful white flowers on my big toe nails. Love the way it turned out... and the price was even better-  $20 for the whole thing. Can't beat that.
I looked through 'trashy' magazines while she did my nails. In our house, growing up, that's what we called magazines like People magazine. I guess because of all the gossip in them? Because I sat there today realizing very little of it is actually 'trashy'. Just not my preferred lifestyle ;-) Anyway, the ladies asked me if I was in college. I laughed and told them "I turned 31 yesterday." She explained that its hard for them to tell the age of most young American women. She said I looked happy and rested, so she assumed I was young. Ha! I told her "its because my husband is at home taking care of our 3 kids, while I have a couple hours to myself" - she smiled and said "you have good husband." Why yes, yes I do! He's pretty darn amazing, actually. When I came home from my date by myself, I was super thrilled to hear all the screams of excitement coming out of my kids... "MOMMY'S HOME! MOMMY!!!! WE MISSED YOU!!!!"
I now understand what Jason means when he says walking in the front door after a long day at work is exhilarating. Talk about a high. I didn't do anything but walk through the door and I felt like I was the hero of their town.
I made bruschetta on french bread, topped with havarti cheese for dinner. {I just started drooling again, thinking about it.} Ethan said it was better than any pizza he's ever had, so I think it was a win.
He and Rachel played on Lego.com for way too long, but I loved hearing him teach her how to play the games. She was a good student and he did a great job teaching her...

"Rache, do you remember what button to push for that?" 
"um... this one?" 
"yes! great job, Rache! I'm so proud that you're learning to play this game with me." 


One of my parent's gifts to Ethan was the first 12 books in the Boxcar Children series! He and I can't wait to start reading them. We realized in probably about a year, he'll be able to read those by himself. He read most of the first page to me and did quite well, struggling only on a few 'impossible words' as Ethan puts it. I read the series when I was little and loved it. I liked All of a Kind Family as well. Super good books. I have a feeling the girls will enjoy those more than Ethan, but who knows... he might.
Add to that Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables and we're set. I keep wondering if I can get away with reading Pride and Prejudice and Wives and Daughters to them. I liked Betsy-Tacy books too! Those were fun reads.

Do you remember Ainsley Rippee? Our Pastor's baby girl, back in California. Remember she was born with a whole her in her heart and other issues with her ventrical? She turned 2 years old today --{Feb.7th}!
I believe every child is a blessing and miracle from the Lord, but I have to say, when I see these little ones grow to be so strong and healthy, when in their first few months of life, things weren't so optimistic... I can't help but well up with praise to Jesus for His goodness and mercy. What a testimony of His healing hands and His answering of faithful prayers. She's a cutie pie too. I'm so sad we've missed so much of her life... thankful for Facebook pictures and such.
I always love to go back and see how God has answered prayer, so I thought you'd want to know :)

Tomorrow morning the laundry pile greets me. Recently a friend on Facebook told me she thinks I have a weird obsession with getting my laundry done. Completed. Out of the way. She couldn't understand why I care what the laundry pile looks like - just do it a little at a time and that's that.
My problem is, letting it pile up {especially after everyone has been sick, the pile seems huge} and then feeling overwhelmed by it. The other day I caught myself closing the laundry room door, so I wouldn't have to come to grips with the fact that it had gotten so out of control. I sorted it last night and today I will get at least some of it done. I have dreams of someday being totally caught up with house hold chores. Maybe I'll get better at them as my kids get older. Ethan and Rachel already put the clothes away for me, which is a huge help! And the added bonus is, they think its fun. So I'm taking advantage of that one as long as I can.
**update** the laundry was completed. I am at peace with it until the next large pile greets me :) 

I wrote this post on Monday night and here I sit Thursday, wondering why it didn't get posted. I think I held off because I knew the park pictures were going to post on Tuesday morning. Either way, here we are, already at Thursday. I hope your week has been swell.

Happy weekend! 

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Jessica said...

Love this post! Feel like I need my comment box open as I read through it so I can converse back. ;)

Yeah, for sales and for healed pink eye!

I'm sorry for your lost but you're right...she's dancing with Jesus now!

I like the idea of a date with yourself. Can't say I do much alone even when E is not with me.

Um, bruschetta recipe, pleeeeze?!?! Totally craving some right.now.

All of those books are gems!! So looking forward to those as well!

After 1.5 months, I have THREE more loads to put anyway that are sitting in baskets and I will FINALLY be up to date with laundry. What to do with another one to clean after?! ;)

Love you and thanks for chatting with me!!

Shane Eckert said...

Wow, someone who actually waits for sales. Nice. :-)

Stef said...

haha - Jess, I love it!! I felt weird just rambling but it was kind of fun :)
The bruschetta is just the container from Costco (SO yummy!) and then we put Havarti cheese on top of the bruschetta and then we broil it for a few minutes. So good... I'm drooling again.

Gina said...

Reading this post was like having a conversation with you--very pleasant. :-) And yes, Jason is a very good husband. :-) Glad you got some time by yourself--it's good for the soul now & then. :-)

Charlotte said...

I ma glad you had some time for yourself. Pedicures are lovely! And I am just like you with the laundry...I do it on set days so it doesn't pile up too much and then fold and put it away the same day. (Usually) And those books are such good ones! My kids love the Boxcar ones and we are always looking for Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. (The old ones) And please, please post that recipe for the bruschetta with Havarti. I loved this conversation with you. :-)


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